Friday, February 11, 2011

Parody Of The Day: SG Never Dies

NEVER, y'hear me? A fan posted this on Kim Heechul's twitter account; my special thanks to Hee Joo Won (don't ask) for the Ko-Chi translation:

Many of you here might recognize the SG tracksuit (now officially known as Blue Spangle), but if you don't know what's that funny looking mantou-face is, it's Heechul's avatar on his twitter account, is what any E.L.F would be happy to inform you. 

Isn't it FREAKINGBRILLIANT? Can't breathe - can't stop laughing. Funny what a few strokes of blue and yellow on Paint can do. 

It's not Kim Joo Won, it's Kim Joo Won, geddit?

Via Baidu's Secret Garden

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