Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Episode 11

The latest song from MP's OST! Love ittt<3
Cherish That Person - Yoseob (from BEAST)

Lately, I've realized...Yoon Ju might have lost Jung Woo but she gains a new friend! Yoon Ju & Lee Dan, those two are soul sistahs. May they burn in hell, is what I'm thinking whenever they show up (sorry, I really wish I could be more objective in this and find somewhere in myself to understand her/them, but nope, my usual empathetic self is absent whenever they're around). 

Spoiler In Words

Hae Young asks whether Lee Seol is willing to be his woman (swoon!). Lee Seol is afraid he will become the President's enemy because of her, and is thus unable to answer. 
Yoon Ju finds Jung Woo to authenticate the contents of the sachet. Meanwhile the President could no longer count on Hae Young being on his side, and evicts him out of the Palace (oh no! no more late night rendezvous D:).

On the other hand, Lee Dan whom had gotten the sachet from Jung Woo goes to meet Yoon Ju and Hae Young arrives at Lee Seol's secret room. 

Chloe Says: Huh secret room? I wasn't aware of any. Izzit the car?

Via Baidu's My Princess 


  1. :)) probably the car... :))

  2. Chinca? YAYYYY I love the car. Car always mean good things! All the scenes involving car... =))

  3. Chloe, I use your written preview (and ockoala too), translate them in Indonesian and put in my twitter. Is it okay? Thanks before..

  4. Of course, feel free to do so ;))