Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BTS Photoshoot of Hyun Bin for K2

Hyun Bin has a new 'do! He's sporting a windswept look in his latest endorsement for outdoor brand K2, which previously has only used foreign models for its advertisements. 
But what's really telling about his status as the "CF King" is the fact that he got this endorsement only weeks before his military enlistment. Imagine if he weren't Binnie, the contract will be a no go and K2 will probably say: "Oh gee. You are joining the military in 2 months time? See you in two years then." But since he is The Binnie, you betcha they'll take what they can get. 

Hence the six months exclusive contract for K2's CFs and other promotional activities. The pictures here are for K2's S Season Catalog or simply known as K2 2011 S.
Binnie's agency has revealed that the revenue he gets out of his CF deals are roughly around 700 million won (which is approx 600 000 USD). 

OMO O_O. They don't need no chaebols in Korea. 


  1. I don't know whether his "cool" hair but his looks is extremely dazzling here! and the most importantly not too thin anymore :)

  2. Hey looks much better here. So cute with his dimples.

    PS. I think 700 million won is $600k not 6 million. Still a lot of money though!

  3. Ah so stupid! Thanks, it's edited promptly (too much zeros make one dizzy). And to think I'm studying accountancy...

  4. Ok, doesn't matter how many zeroes. I would take him even if he didn't have a penny! Pity he's already got a gorgeous gf!

  5. he is such a cutypie my Binnie :X