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Spoiler In Words for Secret Garden Episode 8

Joo Won asks Ra Im whether she sees Oska as a man (i.e. whether she likes Oska), Ra Im replied whenever she's tired and worn out, she will listen to Oska's songs to cheer herself up. She used to like him as a fan, and now because of the body swap she gets to be close to him. She feels very lucky. 

At that confession, Joo Won's expression immediately changes, and he tells Ra Im that he'll make her feel sorry she felt lucky about the body swap.

Ra Him then meets Joo Won's mom, and mom takes out a folder for Ra Him, and prepares a guarantee letter and inkpad for Ra Him to seal the deal. But to mom's dismay, Ra Him says she'll take a look at the contents first before signing.

Mom thinks Ra Him must be more stingy than she looks, until Ra Him asks her whether the folder (payment?) is given once per month. Mom is left speechless at that question.
Chloe Says: Okay, up until know the story has been terrific, but will it go makjang on me? SG writer Kim Eun Sook has a tendency to do that, I remember enjoying Lovers In Paris for the first half, but the 2nd half was W.E.I.R.D to say the least. The supporting actor went cuckoo/psychotic, being all posessive if-I-can't-have-you-no-one-else-can route. I hope Binnie won't turn that creepy *shudders*

Spoiler In Words for Secret Garden Episode 7

A troubled Seul comes into the room only to find Ra Im and Joo Won both hugging. She irritated Seul tells Ra Im off, implying that she forced mouth-to-mouth on Joo Won and asked Joo Won if he was alright (O_O the nerve of that kijibae!)

Joo Won's mother doesn't know they've exchange bodies, and tells Joo Wanda not to do unnecessary things to Ra Im out of pity. The Ra Im inside Joo Won's body felt hurt, although she tries to put up a strong front.  
Chloe Says: Bummer. I can't believe I've missed out on Ep 5 and 6's body swapping fun due to upcoming exams. Now it's turning melo already? *sobs*

My Princess Screenshots

No more photos taken by ahjummas anymore, this time it's in HD! The crew started filming on the 24th at MBC Dream Centre in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do.
In My Princess, Kim Tae Hee plays a uni student working part time as a photographer. In one of her jobs, she accompanies a foreign princess (what did I tell you? birds of a feather stick together) on location as a photographer to take photos of her visits in Korea. That is where she meets Sunnie (that's what I call my SSH) for the first time. 

Sunnie boy's the sole successor of a high-ranking corporation; hence he is impeccably dressed in designer suits (darn! that means no singlets ala EOE), while pre-princess Kim Tae Hee is in cute casual wear.
Photographs of the two stars were also taken during rehearsal break. Sunnie said, "This is my first time returning to do a rom com series after a 2 year hiatus and I'm looking forward to the challenge." He continues, "I'm glad to be able to work with such professional actors and crew, and through this drama I'll work hard to show you a new side of myself."

Chloe Says: Now, if I were dramabeans I would probably insert a few snarky comments here, but I'm not that witty and I really need to go study now. So my parting comments are, err, I'll be looking forward to it too? (picture me sayin' this while doing The Rock's trademark raised eyebrows).

Via OSEN, Nate

Around The Globe: Rain & His Martial Arts Guides

Rain and Sensei in Japan

This pictures are from the earlier episodes when Rain was busy fighting off Lee Jung Jin all around the world. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking it was weird seeing them at one tourist destination after another, but never mind that, there's no mountain I can't climb, no plot holes I can't jump over for Rain. And Lee Jung Jin. AND Daniel Henney.

Rain in the Philippines. Don't you think the MA director looks like HK actor Mark Cheng in this shot?

As for this shot...

O_O Okay, someone please tell me I did not just see k-actor Lee Seon-kyun?

Speculations, Speculations...

I'm saying speculations 'cause there are no news reports to back this up yet, but in my heart rumors about child actress Bang Joon Seo joining the show is a done deal. There were already talks about casting a child in earlier stages of the drama and now there's finally some news on it. They sure are movin' at lightning fast spead now, eh? 

If she seems familiar, it's because you may have seen her as Chae Rim's daughter in Oh! My Lady and the latter SungKyunKwan Scandal. Her other works include Kimcheed Radish Cubes, Queen of Housewives, and OBGYN. Quite the impressive resume, huh?
*sigh* It must be nice to be a child star and rub shoulders with big names (and hotties like Micky Yoochun, Yunho, Choi Si Won,etc)

Her previous dramas (Top to bottom: Oh! My Lady, OBGYN, Heading To The Ground, SKK Scandal):

Chloe Says: I'm desperately wishing this piece of info to be true. Anyone with me?

Via dc, Newsen

Monday, November 29, 2010

Jang Geun Seuk Debuts With New Hair Tonight

But that ain't meaning we'll get to see it. If it followed the manhwa, that is. Originally in the manhwa, the scene of Mu Gyul cutting his hair was never shown. It was only when daddy was chasing after Mu Gyul and pulled his long hair (hilarious scene by the way), only to find out it was a wig (but his hair was never that short, it's still abit long-ish).

Ever since JGS debuted with his wavy locks, it has been the centre of attention (not to mention a fav topic for bloggers to snark on). But it's all part of Mu Gyul's image, the indie free-spirited rocker. Not only his hair, but right down to the tiny (and large) accessories as well.

In Episode 6 broadcasting on the 29th, Mu Gyul shows daddy how much he loves Mary by cutting his long locks. 

Chloe Says: Don't worry I was just teasing you at the beginning. We will get to see it after he signs the recording contract with Jung In, in a opening ceremony for the drama Wonderful Life (hah. I love a drama-within-a-drama stories).

Posting his new look here, like y'all haven't seen it already:

Via TVDaily

Spoiler In Words for Fugitive: Plan B Ep. 18

Yesss! I have been keeping this adorable picture of him for so long and I can finally put it to good use now. *cough* Anyway here's the sneak peek at what's to come:

After Yang Young Joon went to see his father Chairman Yang, the father and son are positively enemies now (at least one of them has a conscience, harrumph).

The son meets Jin Yi and reveals the existence of the gold to the public, and sincerely apologize and begs for the forgiveness of his father's sins.
Jin Yi and Ji Woo goes to the office to find the gold bars; Nakamura Hwang and James Bong is there and they exchange death glares.

Meanwhile, Sophie attempts to save Kai and meets Chairman Yang for the last time...

Chloe Says: I've been dutifully following this show, and although the fanfare isn't as great as the others, it doesn't make it any less fun to watch. I've heard quite a lot of ppl saying it's cheesy, but perhaps it's because I grew up with HK movies, I don't quite get where the cheese is. 

We never question why the hero doesn't get shot at, or the "dush-dush" sound effects when they have a hand-to-hand combat. Don't ask, it just is (in fact, I feel like there's something missing if there isn't a dush-dush sound). But Indian action heroes are even better, they can get shot NUMEROUS times, all sexy bloodied but still manage to fight of all the baddies. Swoon!

Although, there's one thing that have been gnawing at the back of my mind, why is it that in the show EVERYONE speaks a different language but they seem to understand what the other is talking about? Telepathy ala Hana & Vietnam Girl in Flowers For My Life?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Marry Me, Mary! in Manga

Awwww-shucks-really! As if the drama itself wasn't cute enough, they had to add in chibi Marys and chibi Mu Gyuls into the picture. Do you know how weak I get when facing chibi humans of any sort? CUTE doesn't even begin to describe this. All I can do is giggle myself silly.

 Let see: There's a cat, dog, fox and a...tiger? Or is it a cheetah? Anyway, I vote for appa as an elephant next!
Hahahah. This is what MG will look like if he were in a cover of a Chinese romance novel. 

Mu Gyul is displeased about the half-finished knitted gloves...and the fact Maerry Christmas (not the holiday) isn't here.

Mary @ arbeit

Mary the boho version

Mary misses her bus. Boohoo~

Credits: Sensei(s) who made these wonderful works. I'm green with envy at your talent!

My Princess Stalker Photos

Kya! This is hellochloe shamelessly jumping at the sight of SSH (seriously I give up trying to type his name). Sunnie is lookin' mighty dashing in a coat! To be honest, I'm having nada expectations for the drama but that's not gonna stop me from watching them (one have the right to gawk as she pleases). Please feed me more eyecandy, Princess!
Location: MP crew sighted @First floor of Shinsegae Department Store in Myeong-dong, Seoul.

Shop is closed at people are peering through the windows. Honestly if I were them, I would stick my face to the glass to get a better view. There's no need to be modest when the situation calls for it.

 What a beauuutiful side profile! 

Since Kim Tae Hee is not dressed in designer duds, this must be prior to the "princess" transformation.

Oh front profile is even better-looking! *claps in glee*

Tiffany's the place to meet your prince ;)

Cameramangirl's hands are shaking to much:

The Mysterious Case Of The Lady Of The Wooden House: Is She Really Gil Ra Im's Mom?

When I read this article, I thought I've read wrong. "What the..."

Audiences of weekend drama Secret Garden are talking about the wooden house's mysterious landlady. Some think that this woman is really Ra Im's mother.
In today's episode (27/11/2010), Ra Im and Joo Won gets lost in the middle of a mountain bike race and finds a dubious looking wooden hut in the middle of the mountain (err, Hansel and Gretel anyone?). The two decides to follow the delicious aroma that leads them to the wooden hut. They asked for help as they stood outside, waiting.
The surly landlady answered them with piping hot bowls of chicken broth that lures them into entering. Inside, there were countless colorful bottles of medicinal wine. Ra Im takes interest in a particular one that's made from various fruits and flowers.
The lady served Joo Won the hot broth and gave him a chicken drumstick, "Eat more," she says, "This is my good will." (~no doubt to fatten binnie up before the "kill"). The bowl full of meat served to Joo Won gave viewers the feeling of visiting a mother-in-law's home. The lady gulped when Ra Im called her a nice lady. After that a "mother-daughter" conversation ensues...

When Ra Im saw the medicinal wine, she told the lady, "My father also has this interest of brewing medicinal wine." The answer the landlady gave Ra Im piqued the audiences' curiosity and even more so when she talks about her daughter's "poor fate".

Die, don't die, die, don't die....

Chloe Says: As much as I hate to admit this, but it all really clicks together. The sick daughter, soul swapping, shaman mom...and the fact that this show IS categorized as a fantasy MELOdrama. 
Oh bummer. We thought we knew what the twist was, but what do we know? Couldn't you have given me some signs indicating this was in fact a Winter Sonata with a fantasy twist, Show?

Credits: Translated from NTT into chinese via Baidu, into english by moi.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Transript: SG's Ep.5 Ext. Preview (Part II)

Oska: Do we have a reason to meet again?
   YS: Nope. That's why I had to create one.
Oska: Create?
   YS: What's up with that woman? The one with Joo Won?
Oska: Be careful with what you say, she's MY guest, not yours.
   YS: Liar! She's not your type.
Oska: That's none of your business* (not sure)

Oska: If you can't race...(According to the original poster, this part is not really audible but it's basically Oska wanting to dirt bike race with Joo Won). If you win, I'll move out. I've already asked around. Of course, I'll empty the house for you.
  JW: What exactly is it that you want? Making such a ruckus here.
Oska: Kim Joo Won!
  JW: Stop joking! 
Oska: I'm not joking! Why, because the stakes are high, you don't have confidence? (...and the race is on! Boys NEVER say no to a dare.)
Ra Im: Hold on, can I join too? I know a bit of dirt bike racing too.
Oska: Fine, let's go together then.
Oska: The first person who reaches the finishing line wins. 
    RI:  It's all a one-way paths here.
Oska: There're no roads leading back here, if you happen to ride to North Korea, there's no way you'd ever get out.
    RI: Are you implying that I'll get lost? (OH. So it happens here. This is DAH woods we have been waiting for!)
   JW: I was afraid you might say that. Can you really go?
    RI: What if I said I can't? Are you piggybacking me?
   JW: I'll princess carry you. (this is a tantamount to a declaration of love by Joo Won. Princess Carry is the highest level a k-man can bestow on his girl, peeps! A WHOLE new level from piggybacking. Do you get how important this moment is now? Must jot this down somewhere.) 
Oska: Starting now, all ready for it? [Signpost says: The Path To The Coast]
   JW: Yeah, we heard that just now.
Oska: Ra Im, Ra Im, please reply, over!
Oska: What do we do now? What should we do?
   JW: Gil Ra Im...
[What happened was the boys were racing neck and neck; bumped into the sign and made it point to the opposite direction.  As a result, Ra Im who was following close behind went to the wrong lane]
Chloe Says: Joo Won boy it's your cue to go to her! It's your chance to redeem yourself for being such a prick in the previous episode. Show me what you can do, binnie... 

Credits: Chinese transcript and pics via Baidu, translated into english by yours truly.

A Transript: SG's Ep.5 Ext. Preview (Part I)

 JW: You're 10 minutes late! Now, where have I seen this woman before?
Oska: Today, Ra Im is my guest
*Ra Im glares at Joo Won*
   JW: But hyung, your guest seems to be unhappy with me.
Oska: I don't think she is (unhappy), it's because you always glare at people with those eyes.
   JW: That's why I said, she looks pretty when she's angry.
    RI: Jerk.

    RI: So are we officially starting our romantic trip in Jeju Island?
 Oska: *proposes a toast* Your bright black eyes is more beautiful than the night. Here, cheers!
[Joo Won chokes on food, hellochloe follows suit; Ra Im looks like she's over the moon]
     RI: Actually, I've been a fan of yours for 3 years now. Can I call you "oppa"?
  Oska: Of course!
     JW: Whaat? Op-Oppa? (hellochloe: yeah, too bad you were an ass last epi, you totally miss your chance to get the OPW)
   Oska: Our Ra Im may not know it, but oppa is a very simple man.
       RI: I'm also not so bad myself~
      JW: (She's gone) crazy, crazy!! (LOL, have I told you that I love the k-word bichusoo (i.e crazy)? Dunno why but I have a soft spot for this word. Guess I'm pretty bichusoo myself.)

YS: God! Even when taking a stroll at the beach, my thoughts are of you? How can we meet this way, like magic? If I'd known that we were to destined to meet like this, we shouldn't have been so rigid at the beginning.
JW: I'd be okay if we didn't have one (i.e. a beginning) at all.
YS: Oh! These two are...
JW: Yeah, she's a woman I had the hardest time having a meal with. (Another epic line from this drama. Mark this down and put 'em in fan-made banners, peeps)
YS: Nice to meet you.
[Yoo Seul leaves, Ra Im suddenly remembers who she is and chases after her]
JW: What's wrong? Where are you going? (and he follows her)

RI: So, you recognize me?
YS: Yes, we just met haven't we?
RI: Not that, don't you remember me?
YS: Do you know me?
RI: Still trying to pretend?
YS: Who are you?
RI: Who am I?! You're really something. Didn't I help your friend retrieve her bag? That's right, that was me!
YS: You got the wrong person.
RI: I don't think so.
YS: *raises her voice* I said, you got the wrong person!!!
RI: Then, why are you raising your voice? Do you want me to make you think apologizing would have been a better option? (that's right Seul, there are MUCH worse fate than having to do an apology *crack knuckles*)
And then, Joo Won comes in and stops them.

Jong Suk: What can someone who laughs at others' performance teach me?
      Oska: Hey!! I have something to say.
            JS: You?
       Oska: Are you giving me this kind of attitude?*(not sure)
          JS: Not letting go?
       Oska: I did not do that. Also, I've never laughed at any of your performances before. Not only you, but everyone who has ever been on the stage. Because, they're all stronger than me!

Jong Soo: Why are you making a fuss here? Well, it's time for me to leave, you go to the room and wait, we have something to talk about.
RI: Yes, please leave safely! (an expression, something like Japan's itterashai~)
Is that something to be happy about? Going to another's man room?
RI: Such a nice breeze~ Shall I go shower then? 
JW: What?! What did you say? 

Chloe Says: Damn, how long is this preview actually? (I haven't watch yet 'cause I missed Tudou's working hours). It's 4 and I haven't even had my lunch yet. I'll have a Kit Kat and come back asap to wrap it up. Pinky promise.