Thursday, November 25, 2010

Secret Garden For The Otakus

Hehehe <---- This seems to be my usual response for anything related to Secret Garden. Isn't this cool? This is how Ha Ji Won would look like if she were in an American comic book (though I have to say I still prefer the goddess Ha Ji Won herself):
I have to warn you guys, that was the safe pic. From here on, please be prepared before proceeding to read. What you see after this picture may induce excessive giggling, thumping on tables and god forbid, snorting.
This flashy guy must be OSKA, lol.

Ep 1: The Disposing Of OSKA Socks. 

With the side parted hair, he must be...Director of Action School! 
Lookin' good chibi-Philip!!

Never thought I would say this, I grudgingly admit Yoon Seul looks darn cute here, mini LV bag and all.
Still cold as ice though.

Sparkly tracksuit makes an appearance, yo!

I can't read Korean, but they must be talking about The Tracksuit.  *sigh* Let it go dude. You can never win this one.

I'll be frustrated if like him too if 
they cancel this weekend's show.

Credits to: Respective makers of this awesome art.     


  1. hello~ glad to see you liked it! Do check out the other SG fanart as well. I have a truckload of them :D