Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lee Jun Hyuk Cameos For Secret Garden

I Am Legend fans out there, this is your wish come true! 
And for those City Hallers: We didn't get City Hall's Kim Sun-ah (although they did had a lousy shout-out), but I would gladly settle for the cutie pie assistant. Dare we hope for Cha Seung Won next? 

And guess what kind of character he plays? He will be Ra-Im's ex begging for a second chance. Just kidding. He plays Oska's friend. But here's the twist: He appears in the 'past'. 'Past' as in flashback. Looks like he is the reason behind why Oska becomes a crybaby everytime he sees Yoon Seul.

Today (25/11/2010), a Secret Garden official revealed that he would be appearing in Episode 8 (aww shucks! not this weekend) as Oska's memory and Episode 1011 [edited post airing] in Yoon Seul's memory.

On the 24th, he came to the location site in Haenam County of Jeollanam-do to shoot his scenes. It's a two days job, and that means he'll finish shooting today and will be flying to Japan for his fan-meeting session tomorrow.

Just a tidbit (but I guess you guys already know it, being the highly informed drama fans that you are): Lee Jun Hyuk is doing this cameo 'cause he's buddies with Secret Garden PD-nim Shin Woo Chul and screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, both of whom worked on City Hall as well.

Plus, Spoiler pics for Episode 6: Did you know Kim Sa Rang is Miss Korea 2000? No wonder. She's got a hot bod!

Via starnews, OSEN

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