Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mark That Makjang: Dramas You Love To Hate

Oh boy. I was looking for something cute and fluffy to watch (just like I always do), but little did I know I was in for a hell of a ride (the title says Please Marry Me! How misleading can it be?)

TV masochists around the world, you can test yourselves by watching this family drama (there ain't an ounce of family warmth so far).

One big happy family...NOT! 

Think the first 8 episodes of Smile, You x100000000 (you think Seo Jung In's family was bad? You ain't see nothing yet, buddy).

Family members range from spineless (brother-in-law), selfish (sis-in-law) to ignorant (father-in-law). And I've saved the best for last: spineless selfish ignorant bastard (husband).

Every single one of them makes my blood pressure boil, with the exception of Holy Mother-In-Law (she's every daughter-in-law's dream) and of course the daughter-in-law herself (she's the heroine in this drama).

Lee Jong Hyuk, I hateeee youuuuuuu!!!! You cheating @!#$%^

I get the concept of the drama. I really do. They're all suppose to change for the better towards the end. But I dunno if I can survive until then. I'd probably die halfway. Sure, they're changing (except for the dad), but real slowly. Oh so S-L-O-W-L-Y.

The Story
Like all 50+ episode dramas, each of the characters (i.e family members) have their own story to tell. I'll just do a brief summary here:

The main couple: They married young, way back when Tae Ho was jobless and studying for his professorship. Jung-im has supported him all the while (7 years) and he finally gets promoted. Now that he has succeeded, he looks down at Jung-im for being a mere housewife and starts having an eye for another woman (played by Lee Tae Im of Don't Hesitate).

The in-laws: Mom is practically Mother Theresa, while dad is the opposite. Dad has never approved of their relationship, wanting his son to marry a wealthy daughter in law to bring his son to greater heights. Very proud of his eldest son's achievements and ignorant towards his faults. Neglects his wife (treats her as a rice cooker cum house cleaner). 

The brother-in-law: He's still unemployed, flunking interviews due to his nerves (he gets so nervous he hyperventilates. A must watch). One day, on the way back from interview he meets this woman fighting off a bunch of delinquents. Some stuff ensues in the middle, he ends up dating her after a one night stand. Soon after, she finds out that she's pregnant with his baby.

The sister-in-law: She's behaves like a bratty princess at home, treating Jung-im like a maid. I wouldn't say she's evil, she's not doing it on purpose but rather she takes Jung-im's help for granted. Also, she will have a 'lil love story of her own (one of her student's father).

The "3rd parties": 
Kim Ji Young- Tae Ho's hoobae and his boss's daughter. She believes in love but not marriage. Has an unrequited love towards Choi Hyun Wook (the cutie below) for 4 years before moving on to Tae Ho (a MARRIED man). 

Choi Hyun Wook- Music producer cum C.E.O of a talent company. To others, he may seem cold and aloof, but I think he's merely a man of few words. Also known as Mr. YUMMY to hellochloe. Oh ya, Mr. Yummy has a crush on Jung-im (I think. Say yeah to noona love!)

Stop whining hellochloe! Just stop watching already!!!
Yah!! do you think I would be doing this post if I could? Honestly, I'm not interested in the other family member's stories. I am only tuning in for one thing: Revenge. Payback time!!! And they better make it sweet.

Ryu Tae Joon: yummy personified

 I am patiently waiting for the day Jung-im kicks her husband where he deserves it and both Tae-ho and his father begs her for forgiveness! Until then, watching Ryu Tae Joon will nurse my wounds :D

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