Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amanda Zhu's mushroom head is the real deal

What's up with this kinoko-head trend really? This style does not flatter 99.9% of the female population. I swear, lately all the weird hairstyles cropping up on tv is all really a grand conspiracy by hairstylists to make stars look uglier. And in turn makes us viewers look uglier too, 'cause there's bound to be some idiot who will follow the hairstyle they see on TV.  Sigh. The day this hairstyle becomes popular is the day I will shave my hair bald. Pinky promise. 

And the worst part is...

Amanda Zhu really cut her hair for the character! *gasp*
The drama's producers wanted to portray a cute and innocent image for her character, thus they gave her a mushroom head. I think I can hate her less now.

This is how she looked like before the haircut>>

Conclusion: It's all Han Hyo Joo's fault for looking so good sporting a kinoko-head.

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