Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wanna look like Mary?

Does TV viewing promote materialism? Hell yeah! This blog does too. Don't be surprise if you see more homeless people on the streets. They might not be one. The hobo look is in, y'all!

hellochloe's Guide To Looking Like Mary
Mary's dress, red cuffs, beige vest : (in Episode 4, at Mu Gyul's arbeit scene)

Brand: Thursday Island
$$$ it will cost you: 157 USD

Brand: Thursday Island
$$$ it will cost you: 40 USD

Brand: ab.fz
$$$ it will cost you: 114 USD

Mary's denim jacket, skirt: 
(Mary working for Jung In- photoshoot for Seo Joon's drama scene)
Brand: Thursday Island
$$$ it will cost you: 190 USD
Brand: Thursday Island
$$$ it will cost you: 118 USD

Mary's scarves, Mary's green flower brooch
#1: Doesn't she look darn cute pouting? I wished she were doing the oppa-pout-wiggle. *sigh*
$$$ it will cost you: 210 USD

Brand: Tigermilk
$$$ it will cost you: 10 USD

#2: See how nice I am? I even included arrows so that you won't get distracted by KJW at the back (despite being all fuzzy, he looks hot, doesn't he?)
Brand: Thursday Island
$$$ it will cost you: 55 USD

Mary's bag: Mary goes to find Mu Gyul (arbeit scene)
$$$ it will cost you: 210 USD

Mary's cardigan: Mary playing chess with Jung In's dad scene (Episode 4)
Brand: Thursday Island
$$$ it will cost you: 41 USD

Mary's headband, pink striped slippers: Ramyeon eating scene (Episode 1)
Brand: Tigermilk
$$$ it will cost you: 11 USD
Brand: Tigermilk (also available in black, blue)
$$$ it will cost you: 15 USD

Chloe Says:
It sure ain't cheap to look poor! D: 
M'sian currency conversion rate = USD X 3 = a broke hellochloe :( 

Via Baidu MGY Post Bar


  1. i hate that k-dramas always have the stars clothes be super expensive. They're always like "this character doesn't care about their appearance" or "this character is not very rich" yet they wear $200 sweatshirts like it's no big deal. *sigh. Off to find cheaper knockoffs.

    I do like Jang Geun Seok's clothes in this drama though. Any idea where I could get that scarf with the red fringe?

  2. I guess the main reason why they are wearing such pricey outfits is because only branded brands can afford to sponsor stuff.

    As for JGS...I wouldn't recommend guys to wear what he wears (it's a DRESS for chrissakes!).

  3. Jang Geun Seok's stuff is very much my style, but I'm a girl so I guess that makes sense, LOL