Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Transript: SG's Ep.5 Ext. Preview (Part I)

 JW: You're 10 minutes late! Now, where have I seen this woman before?
Oska: Today, Ra Im is my guest
*Ra Im glares at Joo Won*
   JW: But hyung, your guest seems to be unhappy with me.
Oska: I don't think she is (unhappy), it's because you always glare at people with those eyes.
   JW: That's why I said, she looks pretty when she's angry.
    RI: Jerk.

    RI: So are we officially starting our romantic trip in Jeju Island?
 Oska: *proposes a toast* Your bright black eyes is more beautiful than the night. Here, cheers!
[Joo Won chokes on food, hellochloe follows suit; Ra Im looks like she's over the moon]
     RI: Actually, I've been a fan of yours for 3 years now. Can I call you "oppa"?
  Oska: Of course!
     JW: Whaat? Op-Oppa? (hellochloe: yeah, too bad you were an ass last epi, you totally miss your chance to get the OPW)
   Oska: Our Ra Im may not know it, but oppa is a very simple man.
       RI: I'm also not so bad myself~
      JW: (She's gone) crazy, crazy!! (LOL, have I told you that I love the k-word bichusoo (i.e crazy)? Dunno why but I have a soft spot for this word. Guess I'm pretty bichusoo myself.)

YS: God! Even when taking a stroll at the beach, my thoughts are of you? How can we meet this way, like magic? If I'd known that we were to destined to meet like this, we shouldn't have been so rigid at the beginning.
JW: I'd be okay if we didn't have one (i.e. a beginning) at all.
YS: Oh! These two are...
JW: Yeah, she's a woman I had the hardest time having a meal with. (Another epic line from this drama. Mark this down and put 'em in fan-made banners, peeps)
YS: Nice to meet you.
[Yoo Seul leaves, Ra Im suddenly remembers who she is and chases after her]
JW: What's wrong? Where are you going? (and he follows her)

RI: So, you recognize me?
YS: Yes, we just met haven't we?
RI: Not that, don't you remember me?
YS: Do you know me?
RI: Still trying to pretend?
YS: Who are you?
RI: Who am I?! You're really something. Didn't I help your friend retrieve her bag? That's right, that was me!
YS: You got the wrong person.
RI: I don't think so.
YS: *raises her voice* I said, you got the wrong person!!!
RI: Then, why are you raising your voice? Do you want me to make you think apologizing would have been a better option? (that's right Seul, there are MUCH worse fate than having to do an apology *crack knuckles*)
And then, Joo Won comes in and stops them.

Jong Suk: What can someone who laughs at others' performance teach me?
      Oska: Hey!! I have something to say.
            JS: You?
       Oska: Are you giving me this kind of attitude?*(not sure)
          JS: Not letting go?
       Oska: I did not do that. Also, I've never laughed at any of your performances before. Not only you, but everyone who has ever been on the stage. Because, they're all stronger than me!

Jong Soo: Why are you making a fuss here? Well, it's time for me to leave, you go to the room and wait, we have something to talk about.
RI: Yes, please leave safely! (an expression, something like Japan's itterashai~)
Is that something to be happy about? Going to another's man room?
RI: Such a nice breeze~ Shall I go shower then? 
JW: What?! What did you say? 

Chloe Says: Damn, how long is this preview actually? (I haven't watch yet 'cause I missed Tudou's working hours). It's 4 and I haven't even had my lunch yet. I'll have a Kit Kat and come back asap to wrap it up. Pinky promise. 

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