Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Fierce Wife: What really hooked me in

It's certainly not the storyline (not that it isn't good, I just don't like to watch cheating bastards), and nope it's not even the sexy James Wen. I may sound like a lovelorn fanatic most of the time, but star power alone is (usually) not enough to convince me to follow a drama. 

I follow my heart: It's all about the 'feel' the drama gives me. If I like it, I will follow it. 'Tis that simple. No reasons (though if I think hard I can probably come up with some). No apologies. 

And this is my reason:

The Opening Theme (yup the opening theme is my reason):
 Heartbreaking song + a glimpse of cutie Chris Wang = spells a winner to me. 

Song: Wu Tian Ji Nian (Five Days A Few Years)
Artist: Freya Lin

Translation of the lyrics
Perhaps in your heart, the dream is all yours.
But in my heart, the dream is ours.
You said you want freedom, I gave you freedom. 
You said you want silence, I kept still like the universe.

If you say this is love, it feels like I've woken up from a dream.
If you say this is love, I'd rather roam the streets.
If you say this is love, please let go of my shoulder.
If you say this is love, quietly wait for the sunrise.



  1. I must agree with you. The opening theme is amazing! I keep listening to the opening song. =D

    What hooked me in is:
    - Sexy James Wen *drools* (I don't really like his haircut but I loved him in PS Man!)
    - Sonia Sui (I liked her in PS Man)
    - Opening song

  2. :)] Hiyh! Masaki here! Came to drop by to see your blog :) It looks very pretty~! Thank you~

  3. @Annie: I guess Freya Lin has made 2 new fans!
    8-} I guess you can add one more item to your list: Isn't Chris Wang such a cutie?

    @Masaki: =)) Thank you for your stamp of approval! It means alot to me!

  4. @hellochloe: Yes! =D I love her voice! And I just realized she was also the one who sang "Don't Tell Me", one of the inserted songs from the twdrama "Hot Shot"! =O Actually, I didn't know who Chris Wang was until I saw "The Fierce Wife". XD I watched episode 3 today and yes he is a cutie! =D

  5. this song! i had it on repeat, infinite loop when i got to know about it! but what really got me into TFW was the slap that An Zhen gave Wei En XDD

  6. Oh that was HEARTBREAKING. Definitely not a position I want anyone to be into. Which reminds me, I really need to watch that movie soon (must have closure).

  7. it's currently showing in the local cinemas here, but i'm not sure if i wanna go watch it in the cinema... hmm... been reading mixed reviews about it...

  8. I actually didn't finish the show, because I kept waiting for her to CHANGE and dump that loser husband, but she didn't. So frustrating I tell you. Good or bad, I'll watch the movie because otherwise I'll keep wondering what happened to her.

    1. i was naughty, i went to find out what the ending was, and so i know what happened. hehe XDD

    2. Mind telling me, I really want to know!! Too lazy to watch (actually I'm afraid I'll get high blood pressure watching this show).

    3. an zhen + lan tian wei XDDD that's all i really cared to know XDD

    4. ooh yeah that was the thing that kept me going lols. I guess I'll really have to see with my own eyes.