Monday, November 22, 2010

Stars are...stars after all.

I'm convinced. Stars are NOT of the same species as us. Seeing them in dramas, I've been misguided, thinking they're just one of us. Then this kind of article comes along and BAM! I'm is starstruck by these heavenly creatures. Are they FOR REAL? 

Watch me as I squeal over these familiar faces in dramas (some of them which I missed so badly!). G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S is the common denominator for everyone who attended "Love Your W" charity fundraiser for breast cancer. EVERYONE.

Park Jin-hee, the Woman Who Got Away With Kim Bum.

*Pfft* Who are we trying to kid. Yoo In Na does not look like she's living in a National Geographic hut with flies. Far from it.

Faces whom I recognize but can't put a name to it. Wished they did more rom coms.

Whoa. Had to take a second look there. Is she the Lee Yeon-hee I know? Chincha??

This actress is so popular you can tell who she is at a glance despite the teeny pic.

I don't think Han Eun Jung has appeared in a rom com since Full House, no? 
Revenge of the Gumiho was good, nonetheless.

This is my favorite pic among them all. What has Han Ji Min been doing since Capital Scandal? CFs?

Via Korea W

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