Friday, November 19, 2010

BTS: The Story Behind TFW Poster

No, today I'm not blogging about TFW's The Last Supper posters. I rest my case on that one. This one is sleek in black, I dub thee the Supermodel version, where everyone is dress up to the nines, including our plain ol' housewife, An Zhen. 

Will this be the only time she gets to doll herself up? I hope not.

Shot I: Sonia's take
At first they wanted Sonia to put on a sad expression (you know, with her husband cheating on her and all),

But they wanted to show the "fierce" theme, so they changed it to a smiling pose. It shows An Zhen moving on despite Rui Fan's infidelity (you go girl!)

Shot II: James Wen's take
James Wen rocking the "guilty" look...

Director of the shoot making some adjustments...

The second take...
Err...honestly I can't see the difference between the before and after adjustment. Can you?

End Result: Supermodel Version 2.0

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