Monday, November 22, 2010

Info Updates on Channel-X

Looks like we have more trailers from Joe and Amber's latest thriller series, Channel-X. But quantity does not mean quality, I'm like WTF with the BG music? (Amazing Grace, seriously?!!) Hopefully the OST for the drama will be much better. So trailer wise, I preferred the
Liar Game ones.

We have updates on the story and characters as well, and as expected I wasn't that off the mark on my prediction of the story. He's a well known anchor and the face of BIGTV (a cheeky nod to SETTV!), she's a paparazzo and a techie-junk with a grim determination to seek the truth.

The story kicks off when An Zai Yong (played by Joe) gets accused of murdering his girlfriend, Luo Shan Shan. As a result of that, his career and love life goes down the drain. The turning point for him came when he was chosen as a newscaster for an online channel called "Channel-X".

Yup. So the mysterious sounding Channel-X is an online tv channel. I wonder if they air dramas as well?

Trailer #1 (a.k.a. The Amazing Grace one) and #2:


  1. Your blog is fun to read! Keep it up!

  2. ...and comments like these are nice to read too! Thank you ;))