Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joe Cheng's women in Channel-X

A certain koala told me that Joe will be doing XXX scenes for his latest drama Channel-X (ha, is that a pun?) with not one, not two but THREE women! After the initial jealousy (and shock), hellochloe sets to investigate the series>>  

 *cue X-Files theme*

The Story (partly my guess):
In Channel-X (or literally translated as National Heroes), Joe Cheng plays a news anchor who is at odds with a tabloid reporter (played by Amber Kuo). Clearly, with one in the media glamour of broadcasting and the other working in the shadows, they're going to hate each other's guts.

They run in head-to-head while investigating a case, and have to (relunctantly) team up when mysterious forces begin to hunt them down.

The 2 trailers:
Joe Cheng's version:

Video description: 
Who gave him such a fright, making him desperately escape?
To seek the truth, what are you willing to sacrifice?
Let's find out in December!

Amber Kuo's version:

Video description:
Who is her prey? What made her burn with desire for the truth?
To seek the truth, what are you willing to sacrifice?
Let's find out in December!

Err...The static buzz and the horizontal lines in the videos...doesn't it reminds you of the Liar Game tapes sent to contestants?  And the fugitive theme sounds a wee bit familiar, hopefully this series doesn't revolve around gold bars.

Women #1, #2 and #3:
Grrr: Amber Kuo, Michelle Chen and Tracy Zhou

P.S: You might remember Michelle Chen from Miss No Good and Tracy Zhou from Calling For Love. This is Amber Kuo's third drama, her previous works include The Happy Times of that Year with James Wen. Coincidentally (or not?), this drama is produced by Chen Yi Jun, who's also behind The Happy Times of that Year.

Also, don't you think Amber Kuo has such a cute voice? This is a clip of Amber crying alongside James Wen (!) at the Press Conference for the Golden Bell Awards: 

Note: This clip is not related to this drama whatsoever, but James Wen's there, and that's enough of a reason, no?

**She's tearing up 'cause she's touched by the support she received since her career in Sanlih TV.

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