Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Mysterious Case Of The Lady Of The Wooden House: Is She Really Gil Ra Im's Mom?

When I read this article, I thought I've read wrong. "What the..."

Audiences of weekend drama Secret Garden are talking about the wooden house's mysterious landlady. Some think that this woman is really Ra Im's mother.
In today's episode (27/11/2010), Ra Im and Joo Won gets lost in the middle of a mountain bike race and finds a dubious looking wooden hut in the middle of the mountain (err, Hansel and Gretel anyone?). The two decides to follow the delicious aroma that leads them to the wooden hut. They asked for help as they stood outside, waiting.
The surly landlady answered them with piping hot bowls of chicken broth that lures them into entering. Inside, there were countless colorful bottles of medicinal wine. Ra Im takes interest in a particular one that's made from various fruits and flowers.
The lady served Joo Won the hot broth and gave him a chicken drumstick, "Eat more," she says, "This is my good will." (~no doubt to fatten binnie up before the "kill"). The bowl full of meat served to Joo Won gave viewers the feeling of visiting a mother-in-law's home. The lady gulped when Ra Im called her a nice lady. After that a "mother-daughter" conversation ensues...

When Ra Im saw the medicinal wine, she told the lady, "My father also has this interest of brewing medicinal wine." The answer the landlady gave Ra Im piqued the audiences' curiosity and even more so when she talks about her daughter's "poor fate".

Die, don't die, die, don't die....

Chloe Says: As much as I hate to admit this, but it all really clicks together. The sick daughter, soul swapping, shaman mom...and the fact that this show IS categorized as a fantasy MELOdrama. 
Oh bummer. We thought we knew what the twist was, but what do we know? Couldn't you have given me some signs indicating this was in fact a Winter Sonata with a fantasy twist, Show?

Credits: Translated from NTT into chinese via Baidu, into english by moi.


  1. Hello Chloe

    the other theory around is that the lady might be RI's dad spirit ^^

    I tend to agree with this last one because of the locker's picture and the manly vibe from the Lady in the Forest :)

    It doesn't change the fact (unfortunatally) that RI might get sick but I was wondering : why switching his daughter soul into a man's body ? Does the dad enjoy his woman's body so much ? :D

    Anyway, at last but not least :
    What is up with the poor cat ? Chained like it was some kind of Cerberus or something ? ROFL

    Nice blog and keep up the good work !

  2. Hi choufy! LOL manly vibe huh? It's certainly possible...heck I'm beginning to think anything's possible in this show. As long as no one dies on me, I'm a happy viewer :X

  3. lol
    Well so far I don't think that anyone will die. But apparently the writer has a track record with sucky endings (Lover in Paris).
    I didn't see it but I hope she would learn from her previous mistakes ^^

  4. Oh really? Hmmm...I don't recall LIP having a bad ending (well maybe it was sucky, but at least I remember no one died). Must go ask my mom about this:)]