Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep 1 + Teasers

A member of a well known idol group nearly a decade ago, Gugbo Sonyeo's (i.e. which literally means "National Treasure Girls") Goo Ae Jung is doing what she can to make a livelihood as an artiste, but it's tough. Even on a random visit to the gas station she is even being made fun of. Arrogantly, that person even when so far as to anonymously humiliate her.  

On the other hand, national star Dokko Jin's recently unveiled work has not been favored by critics. To make matters worse, due to his English proficiency (or the lack thereof) he was not able to participate in a movie by Hollywood director Peter Jason. And a certain person found out about this huge secret...(is it our National Treasure Girl? *Dadum dadum*)

Chloe Says: Would just like to point out one thing...Someone's got a leg tatt yo!
But it's got a funny shape...anyone care to guess what it is? Looks like some kind of microorganism to me :O

Teaser #1:

Teaser #2: 

Dream High In Manga (Part II)

To Anonymous who requested for more, this is for you. And me. And every DH / Woo-U fan :)

First off, the famous Jason look in his first appearance on DH. Certainly very unforgettable, which explains why there are so many works dedicated to it. 

A more realistic fan art. Ooh, it's like seeing him in the flesh: 

As for Taecyeon? Err, not so much. Too skinny, imo. 

Group pics! (LOL even fanart does the running gag of him looking older than he is. He looks like their grandad here =.=).

This looks very pro (I think it's by the same artist that did one of MMM fan art I posted):

The ultimate love triangle that divided DH fangirls into two groups, and never the twine shall meet. 

This art is by Sunny Head Studios, known as their 4th kseries project. You can find them on facebook:
I like it! Especially the SamMi<3 

This is what I'd like to call the "Stamp" series. Very webcomic-ish; realistic with a dash of cartoon:

Hye Mi's lil' sis stole the show here! While Pil Sook looks like an obasan =_="

This one's very bishounen style, not that it's not well done by frankly it's not my cup of tea. 

Looks like JYP morphed with Jason. Very disturbing O_O

 Honestly, I've no idea what he's trying to do...

"You are the milk, I am the cookie."

Credits: Respective makers of these awesome art. Keep the creative juices flowing!

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 1 + Teaser I

Syururup - Monday Kiz (wow...the piano O_O)

Ok, it is OFFICIAL now. I want to watch everything. As in, ALL the May dramas. Please, networks, you can stop coming up with nice dramas now. Do that at a later date please. And this spoiler...I dunno if this is a new strategy that KBS came up or something, but I'm definitely interested now. It reads like a novel and I find myself imagining the scenes. Now I wanna watch it live-action!

Spoiler In Words (1st Version)
No Soon Geum comes from a household where her grandmother was a maid, and so was her mom. Her mom is strongly against her going through the same path as her (i.e maid), and hence ever since high school she has studied hard and poured herself into working hard to earn money. 
Time passed, and the mom who has been a maid her whole life, passed away. Her dad, who's a gambler comes to find her to fund his habit every now and then. Just like that, life continues to go on as usual, with her not having any particular talents nor skill. 

Meanwhile, a 150 kg heavy "prince" (I reckon y'all know who this is yeah) from a wealthy family loses his wallet during his farewell ceremony to New York for studies. Somehow Soon Geum who's at the hotel to find a friend, gets roped into this and ended up paying for the drinks with her rent money. 

No matter what, Soon Geum has to get the money back, and she ends up at Gun Woo's (Jung Gyu Woon) house. He looks like a honest and sincere man right now, unlike when he blackmailed her for money. At Gun Woo's request, she leaves him her phone number as she leaves hurriedly to deal with her dad's mess (gambling stuff, I presume). During that short encounter, Soon Geum has made a favorable impression on Gun Woo. 
 So, are they pen pals or somethin'?
3 years later at a certain house, despite her mom's bid for her to never become a maid, Soon Geum has become one. When she wins one of her weekly rounds of Hwa-Tu (Korean poker), she decides to buy a lottery ticket. She puts the tickets everyone else bought in her left pocket and hers on the right. 
Also on this day, Gun Woo returns. Not only that, he's completely a different man as he steps into the household...

Chloe Says: Wowza, if only all spoilers are written like this huh? If it were anything less than this, I don't think I'd be interested. I'm suppose to be tuning to Lie To Me, Best Love and Baby-faced Beauty. But now I'm hooked. Siiigh.

The teaser: 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Drunken To Love You Episode 3 + Preview Video

Small talk: Don't cha think that the Mont Blanc roles are getting more and more obvious by each series? In FTLY, Xin Yi pawn her beloved gold necklace to get a b-day gift for Ethan (which is forgettable), then you have P.S MAN having a Mont Blanc necklace (that "coincidentally" matches Bianca's earrings) featured in a more luxurious setting. 
The opening theme of Drunken To Love You:
Play Against The Rules (Bu An Pai Li Chu Pai) - Magic Power 

And now you have the ultimate, prominently displayed ring (which I'd like to call The Small A$$ Diamond Ring) featured right in the first epi! Modeled by none other than Tiffany Xu and in posters by the OTP. I sense an even more in-your-face placement in the future, heh. 

~Cup 3: "You took what's mine." - but who's the real culprit, you or me?~

Jie Xu strips (oh no yeahhh, you know where this is going don't cha) in preparation for a bath, not noticing that Xiao Ru is fell asleep in the bathtub while cleaning it. With Jie Xu in all his naked glory, Xiao Ru's throws a fit in "anger" (embarassment, really) and the two split. 
Xiao Ru tells Meng Jun she's going to the place where Yi Xiang and her dated before, in hopes to forget and "heal" herself while Jie Xu scoffed and rushed on with his proposal. The proposal will be on a big scale, and the fastidious director is also looking forward to their second collabaration. He's pressured by the upcoming reception in three days, but vows to do well. 

Xiao Ru goes to the cafe they (meaning Yi Xiang, not Jie Xu) went before, and quietly left the cafe. Meanwhile, Jie Xu is overseeing the construction work. He gets angry when the workers made a mistake. The workers are unhappy with him too. 
Meng Jun calls Jie Xu, telling him that Xiao Ru's act of brushing the bathtub is her way of venting her frustrations. She concludes that Xiao Ru must be under tremendous stress lately and tells him to look after her. 

Jie Xu looks for Xiao Ru, and finally finds her by the sea...
Xiao Ru arrives at the hotel, decides to have some time alone with Yu Xiang to talk to him. Meng Jun helps by distracting Peggy away.
Xiao Ru vents by stuffing herself at Jie Xu's place. The tidy Jie Xu could not tolerate the mess and they argue, in a tackle for the pizza they both rolled to the ground (LMAO)
Suddenly, Ai Wei who has just came in saw the whole thing (uh-oh *rubs hand in glee*)

The preview:

Credits: Photos taken from DTLY Facebook, spoiler translated by hellochloe.

Drunken To Love You: A Rant And A Report (please excuse me)

DTLY, I am in LOVE with you. And no, I'm not drunk. Whilst I've been hesitating to watch it due to it's name (yeah I'm a judge-a-book-by-its-cover girl, and one can't say the title without conjuring up images of Drunken Master kung-fu; don't even get me started on the English name). 
But I'm hereeeee now! And that's all that matter's right? What a great rebound from the fiercely drama-heavy The Fierce Wife. And welcome aboard to the Leading Actors Club, Joseph Chang! I cannot remember the last time I've watched a taiwanese series not featuring Mike He, Ethan Ruan, The Fahrenheit Boys (my special term for the quartet), Jerry Yan (whom the role has been offered to initially), Joe Cheng, Show Luo, Blue Lan and oh did I mention Mike He?

I've been watching via Viki, and I've been so irked by a comment that he looks "retarded" and "slow" (right at the very first second of the show!), I slam-clicked the discussion button to a permanent "OFF", which usually I like to leave on but there's only so much "Kingone should be the lead cuz he's hotter" remarks one can take. 
Wtf he's not "slow" or "retarded" (T_T), he's the strong silent type, yo! You're talking bout my crush in The Legend Of Speed here!! 

-rant over *cough cough*-

-Starts reporting- 
Location: Campus at a certain Taiwanese University
Event: DTLY cast visits campus to promote drama
How lucky are Taiwanese uni students? You get to meet with celebs often, on campus! They come to you, not the other way around :D

Backstage, Rainie chats with funny co-star Xin Ling. 

The cast were welcomed with a thunderous applause from the students. What a warm welcome \(*^o^*)/

I see that PT's Minho's Too Cool For Socks Ankle Pants trend is still on!

That day's surprise guest: 
A specially recorded "jia you" message from Rainie's good friend, Show Luo. 

A revelation by the always pregnant woman on dramas, Xin Ling: She once forgot to wear her "belly" prop in a scene. Even after filming, no one noticed! Does she not need it after all? (¬_¬)
Anyhow, it seems to be working for her. She has been enjoying secondary-but-prominent roles in a number of mainstream dramas. And she's certainly not a character one can forget easily (in a good way). 

Credits: Photos from DTLY facebook page, info translated from Chi to En by hellochloe.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 1 + Preview Vids

The song title is in Chinese (romanized), but make no mistake, it's a Japanese song through and through, courtesy of Gintama's OST. The singer's favorite manga happens to be Gintama too! :)
Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) - Takashi Hitomi & Beat Crusaders 

May, thou art evil. I swear this is a conspiracy between ACCA and all the major broadcasting networks in Korea to get me to fail my accounting papers. Dammit, why do they always have to air the good ones in May? 

Not that I'm complaining. Chinca, I'm not. *grumble grumble* I now have three upcoming series on my must watch list, namely Lie To Me, Best Love and Baby-faced Beauty (in no particular order, of course). How can ANY k-dramaddict say no to this holy trinity? That's not even counting possible contenders like Romance Town. Makes me almost wish that some will suck to ease my burden. Almost. *grumble grumble*

Spoiler In Words
Education-wise, age-wise or riches, there's nothing to be proud of for old maid Lee So Young (haha, for once an English pun in a kdrama!). She gets fired from her job in a fabric company. The attempt to find a new job has not been successful, but her story is just about to begin...
Not only does chaos ensues after her first meeting with a man in the nightclub, she lies about her age (and qualifications), using her sister's (Lee So Jin), and instead of 34 years old it becomes 25. As a result, she lands a job in a fashion company as a part-time fitting model.

This show has one of the better teasers out there: 
Teaser #1:

Teaser #2:

Finally, the 1st episode's preview:

KBS2's Baby-Faced Beauty takes over Crime Squad's Mon-Tue slot on May 2nd. 

Chloe Says: Ok, this is non-BFB related, but I just wanna report to my drama friends about what I'm catching up on so far: I'm kinda watching Midas, sleepwalking through the M&A's while lamenting the lack of progress between Jung Yeon and Myung Joon. When the IV Drip scenes are diminishing, I don't know whether to be happy or sad (I hope that just means he is getting healthier).

Things finally interest me in 49 Days. I suspect it's because I'm more invested with Jung Il Woo x Lee Yo Won's tragic romance rather than JHJ's with Nam Gyu Ri. I did the whoopee-dee-doo when I found out they weren't siblings. Thank god things are finally spicing up, keep those flashbacks coming please.

Manny, how I adore you. It has been awhile since I got interested in a show by the first episode. Interestingly enough, I love it despite the lack of romance (so far). I notice this usually happens whenever I watch a tvN show. Romantic love can take a backseat when it comes to family/ serial killers/ conspiracies in Joseon. Also, <3 the title. Manny (Man+Nanny - the obvious one, but also = Man+NY). How cool is that?