Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dream High In Manga (Part II)

To Anonymous who requested for more, this is for you. And me. And every DH / Woo-U fan :)

First off, the famous Jason look in his first appearance on DH. Certainly very unforgettable, which explains why there are so many works dedicated to it. 

A more realistic fan art. Ooh, it's like seeing him in the flesh: 

As for Taecyeon? Err, not so much. Too skinny, imo. 

Group pics! (LOL even fanart does the running gag of him looking older than he is. He looks like their grandad here =.=).

This looks very pro (I think it's by the same artist that did one of MMM fan art I posted):

The ultimate love triangle that divided DH fangirls into two groups, and never the twine shall meet. 

This art is by Sunny Head Studios, known as their 4th kseries project. You can find them on facebook:
I like it! Especially the SamMi<3 

This is what I'd like to call the "Stamp" series. Very webcomic-ish; realistic with a dash of cartoon:

Hye Mi's lil' sis stole the show here! While Pil Sook looks like an obasan =_="

This one's very bishounen style, not that it's not well done by frankly it's not my cup of tea. 

Looks like JYP morphed with Jason. Very disturbing O_O

 Honestly, I've no idea what he's trying to do...

"You are the milk, I am the cookie."

Credits: Respective makers of these awesome art. Keep the creative juices flowing!


  1. Agreed! The Milk Duo has overshadowed the Love Triangle Trio, and it shows in the fanart;)) Now, if only there were more Sam Dong caricatures...