Friday, April 29, 2011

Drunken To Love You: A Rant And A Report (please excuse me)

DTLY, I am in LOVE with you. And no, I'm not drunk. Whilst I've been hesitating to watch it due to it's name (yeah I'm a judge-a-book-by-its-cover girl, and one can't say the title without conjuring up images of Drunken Master kung-fu; don't even get me started on the English name). 
But I'm hereeeee now! And that's all that matter's right? What a great rebound from the fiercely drama-heavy The Fierce Wife. And welcome aboard to the Leading Actors Club, Joseph Chang! I cannot remember the last time I've watched a taiwanese series not featuring Mike He, Ethan Ruan, The Fahrenheit Boys (my special term for the quartet), Jerry Yan (whom the role has been offered to initially), Joe Cheng, Show Luo, Blue Lan and oh did I mention Mike He?

I've been watching via Viki, and I've been so irked by a comment that he looks "retarded" and "slow" (right at the very first second of the show!), I slam-clicked the discussion button to a permanent "OFF", which usually I like to leave on but there's only so much "Kingone should be the lead cuz he's hotter" remarks one can take. 
Wtf he's not "slow" or "retarded" (T_T), he's the strong silent type, yo! You're talking bout my crush in The Legend Of Speed here!! 

-rant over *cough cough*-

-Starts reporting- 
Location: Campus at a certain Taiwanese University
Event: DTLY cast visits campus to promote drama
How lucky are Taiwanese uni students? You get to meet with celebs often, on campus! They come to you, not the other way around :D

Backstage, Rainie chats with funny co-star Xin Ling. 

The cast were welcomed with a thunderous applause from the students. What a warm welcome \(*^o^*)/

I see that PT's Minho's Too Cool For Socks Ankle Pants trend is still on!

That day's surprise guest: 
A specially recorded "jia you" message from Rainie's good friend, Show Luo. 

A revelation by the always pregnant woman on dramas, Xin Ling: She once forgot to wear her "belly" prop in a scene. Even after filming, no one noticed! Does she not need it after all? (¬_¬)
Anyhow, it seems to be working for her. She has been enjoying secondary-but-prominent roles in a number of mainstream dramas. And she's certainly not a character one can forget easily (in a good way). 

Credits: Photos from DTLY facebook page, info translated from Chi to En by hellochloe.


  1. Yes, I think I'm just 99% there to becoming a fan of this hot hunk. He's not the typical handsome looking and cute looking TW guy, but he def has a certain charm and macho-ness about him And it turns me on even MORE knowing that he's so shy in real life.

    I D/L-ed and watched Eternal Summer because of him. And yeap, this man CAN act and if we say he's not done good enuff in 2 eps of DTLY, we haven't seen the meatier and emotional side of him YET.

    Hee~~ I am hopeless! HAHA

  2. Oh helloo, I just saw you;)) Omo looks like you need the final 1% push *pushes hard*

    Can't remember the last time I watched a 100% twfilm. Googled it and saw an image (is that a guy...with a half naked Joseph? BL!!!) *spurts blood*

    Man is it good? It's pretty impressive that many artistes say that film's one of their fav (Wang Lee Hom, Ming Dao). It's one thing to have rave critic reviews, and another to have both mainstream and the crtic's nod. Salute!

    Also: Joseph Chang as a deliquent? Rawr! Shall get torrents now>>>

  3. I so agree w/ you about Joseph! For example, if those people to watch the behind the scenes and stuff, they would see he is a very active person, but he is just shy towards media!