Friday, March 14, 2014

Crack of the Century!

Have you ever encountered a show so utterly perfect, it is like it's been tailor-made for you? That's how I feel when I watch this show, where the story unfolds like a well-worn romance novel, the one that looks like origami from all the handling. And by perfect, of course I don't mean in a flaw-less way (a ne plus ultra it is not), but a show with a compendium of tropes and stock characters I luuuurrve, played out *just* the way I like it. Predictable, but in a good way.

In case you missed the subtext: THIS SHOW IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME AND OMG EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!! Crack, thy name is Bride of the Century, and your existence has me lying in bed, ruminating on the possibility of time travel, because dammit, I need my episodes NOW.

Sketchy summary: Mr. Darcy meets Spunky Girl, thus resulting in The Thawing of the Ice Man, and hijinks ensue! 

Chlo-Meter:  STOKED

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Of crack shows and drama marathons.

Something very disturbing is happening. Despite my misgivings towards twdramas in general, I found myself in the midst of wanting to watch one. Drat, I thought, it's that pesky time of the year again. Usually, I'd stick to re-watching some of my old favorites (see above), but this time, I wanted something new. Preferably something I could not recite the lines to. So in an uncharacteristic burst of optimism, I downloaded a bunch of twdrama pilots, all but ready for a drama marathon.

I'll have you know, twdramas are not my usual cup of tea. I used to feel very strongly towards twdramas, and only this Malaysianism could adequately express my anguish: Beh tahan!! Especially the string of idol dramas that imploded during the 00's, where watching one would put me in physical pain. Everything, from the acting to the plot, felt so forced and unnatural, and by the thirty-second mark I'd be dying from secondhand embarassment. Sticking to kdramas seemed like the wiser (not to mention self-loving) choice.