Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 11

An SIW for a (relatively) new series!
Can You Hear Me? (Instrumental) - CYHM? OST

Now, here is one childhood-to-adult romance drama drama after my heart. Never mind the fact that I have yet to finish episode 1, every gut in my dramaddict instinct tells me so. Therefore I figured that I'd better post something up on the drama before I regret not doing so. 

Spoiler In Words
Upon hearing the news that Dong Joo and Woo Ri are together, Joon Ha is afraid that Woo Ri will discover that Dong Joo is hearing impaired. He rushes crazily to Dong Joo's house and tells Woo Ri straight up that Dong Joo has forgotten all his childhood memories. 
Dong Joo's cosmetic factory has started its operations again, however his dad puts pressure on Dong Joo's factory by collaborating with their direct competitors. Dong Joo is afraid that his rivalry with Jin Chul will affect Joon Ha and his mom, Dong Joo is determined to solve all the problems himself...


  1. Chloe! I'm watching this and I'm loving this. kim Jae Wook is too cute to words here and also I'm finding his acting pretty good. My heart hurts for Dong Joo!

    I miss the kids. They sure did a good job. The little girl who played Woo ri I'll keep a eye on her, she will have a great future.

    This drama has such a heart. I love the dad (Ma Roo's dad - the one who loves to sing :)) the actors does his job so well that all I see is his character. I hope he get's a award for this job :)

  2. @Anavi: Girl you should have recommended it to me! :(( Oh boy I hope I catch up soon; wouldn't wanna miss the following:X

  3. Chloe: Well I though you was too busy to watch one more drama xD and may have new dramas too so I was not sure XD lol.. oh I'll go crazy with may, I want to watch best love, Lie to me, romance town (not so much)... what to do?

    I'm also watching midas... have to catch up, and tomorrow Thorn birds ends (the torture ends lol)

  4. Whoa, are you back or something? WB?
    I LOVEEEEE childhood-to-adult romance. And i have a soft-spot for Kim Jae Won..which led to this drama.
    I like it so should def catch up on it =]

  5. @ilikehim: Nah, not really...can't blog a post without feeling guilty I should study more >.<

    Mine is Nam Goong Min (since Birth Of The Rich)~

    Anavi is right, the child actress is really good, she had me at the alphabets:D

  6. omg i love the instrumental. where did you download it?

  7. @anna: This is a bit embarassing but...despite the fact that it happened only hours ago, I can't remember!!:-t I don't have a specific place I go to for songs, usually I just Google stuff and one place leads to the other

    But anyways, nvm mind I repeated what I did :)] and got a mediafire link (dunno whether it's the same place I got them tho).

  8. Oh, I didn't see/hear the music above lol I have bad sigh.. Just DLed it... loove this music, and also the main one by ZIA* Chloe can you translate this song if possible? Just if possible... :)

    Kisses :)

  9. This is such a beautiful drama, and I am loving every second of it. Thanks Chloe for the preview!

  10. @anavi: I'll get back to you if I get the chi trans:) I have ZIA but it's an old song, unfortunately.

    @Anonymous: You're welcome:) I think this show rocks too! Most shows aim to be trendy (that is in right now), but this is just classic. Reminds me of why I fell in love with kdramas in the first place. Lots of heart<33

  11. Chloe: That is ok then ^^~~

    btw the video preview for episode 11 is out: