Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not To Be Missed: DTLY BTS clips + hc's narration

Really not a one to miss if you're a Drunkard (thanks viki, haha)! No obsession over a drama is complete without some BTS sleuthing, hoping to see more of the OTP in "real life".
If you miss this, screw you! For Joseph has just endured a fever and cold winds by the sea without you ever knowing, uhuhu~

BTS #2: I'll start with the latest one first, 'cause the first BTS vid has already been aired with the first episode. Too bad subsequent ones have none of this goodness:

  • The vid starts with the scene with Jie Xiu running towards the sea, clearly distraught as he's certain Xiao Ru has drowned herself. LOL. When he shouted her name, he *hiccuped* and jump. He's laughing 'cause he messed up with the hiccup.
  • Now for Rainie's commentary. She says Song Jie Xiu will have an "interesting" scene coming up, she can't wait for it BECAUSE he has a fever (she looks happy about it wtf).
  • Jie Xiu's in the car, looking unwell. When asked whether he has fever, he denies it. But after that he revealed to the camera that this is the 3rd day he's been sick, and he's going to jump into the sea soon. He heaves a big sigh...
  • At the sea side now, he pulls off shoes (wow it's amazing he doesn't seem sick at all, not even one bit). He thought he did funny 'cause he "fell" face straight to the sand, but the director and crew thought it was OK.
  • Rainie urges him on (jia you!!). Now we see that that there are actually strong winds, it's cold and it seems ludicrous that anyone would stroll by the sea at this time of the year, let alone eat hot dogs doing that.
  • Rainie says she's about to cry (for Joseph), 'cause it's so cold. 

The Making Of: DTLY's Ending Theme

  • Nothing much to narrate, just explained how the concept of the MV came about: The city's exciting: When you're exploring the city's district and you suddenly find yourself at an unexpected corner alley (very much the theme of the show: "If love is so illogical, no wonder happiness is so unexpected.")
I make it a point to watch every episode until the credits end, 'cause it's just so beautiful (plus Yen-J rocks). It's like they're strangers but they recognize each other (like the Japanese "akai ito" concept? In Chinese culture we have the same thing as well, "threads of Destiny" that pulls an invisible bond to a couple, and you can't sever it no matter how hard you try. I believe Koreans do have the same thing as well - as seen in Bride Of The Water God manhwa).

BTS #1: Is included in Episode 1's ending

  • Joseph grabs her from being hit by a reversing car. Her ribcage hurt because of his strong grip (Oooh~) while Joseph was clutching his hard, afraid that she'll come into real harm (if he fails to grab her on time). Her conclusion of the scene: OK! Has the "feel" of a hero saving a maiden.
  • Next scene, Rainie's special commentary (deja vu): She's telling the audiences how Joseph purposely wanted to "cry" during that scene to up her game; obviously he failed since he had to resort to saliva (=_=)"
  • OMG scene 0:58 - 1:20 is the best! They're acting out an exaggeration of an actual scene where she falls helplessly in love succumbing to the power of his eyes, and proceed to thump on his chest at "supersonic speed" (ooh it looks firm). Rainie's like: Super sonic speed? (・-・)? And then he acts it out for her. Oh the last part where she rest her hands on his chest and sigh? Best OTP ever(>o<)V 
  • Joseph talks about his character Song Jie Xiu; he thinks it's interesting because of the comical elements, and he's never had the opportunity to play such a role before.
  • Ah the "infamous" first scene of our OTP's encounter. Close to X-rated (which was obviously intentional *smirk*). What can I say? I love coffee spills, heheheh.

Credits: All screencaps taken by hellochloe.


  1. They ARE totally daebak! Best OTP everrrr!
    And to think that Joseph is actually pretty quiet and shy when doing interviews.. totally doesn't seem like it when he's acting, alongside Rainie especially hehehe..

    Have you seen Cup 4? I haven't but skipped to preview of 5 and I'm like KYAAAAAA~~

  2. Darn, so fast? Haven't but am about to, hehehe. Shan't spoil it by watching the next episode ahead though. Some things need to be done in chronological order:D