Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 7

Same Dream - Alex

Sorry, but who thought that pen-in-fish-feed was a bad idea? I did. Oh Dokko whattheheck, can't you put it beside the tank or I don't know, on a coffee table? *thousand facepalms* Grrr, never mind. The plot is right on schedule anyway, since we're at mid-point of the series...meaning it's time for conflict(s), misunderstanding(s) and angst (and maybe more showers).

Spoiler In Words
With his very own eyes, Dokko witnesses the passionate scene between Ae Jung and Pil Joo unfolding right before him. He clenches hard at the potato in his hand; turned around and left after he recovered his self-esteem. Dokko bitterly eats the curry rice made with the potatoes Ae Jung bought while Ae Jung looks at the lie detector sadly, the gap between them widening...
The people around Ae Jung is either on Pil Joo's side or Dokko's, leading to a war of words; Pil Joo asks Se Ri on her relationship with Dokko. On the other hand, the producers of Couple Making are planning to auction off items belonging to the contestants on the show through its official webpage...


  1. omo... let me guess. Dokko Jin will buy Ae Jung stuff

  2. Yeah we're on the same track, that's what on my mind too :D Wonder if Pil Joo will bid too hmm

  3. great minds think alike. If Pil Joo bets also that would be epic funny. Seeing Dokko and Pil Joo battling it out online will be funny