Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 13

Sorry for the so many names mentioned in the previous SIWs, now that I've caught up on the episodes I can recognize the names and change them to more familiar terms (i.e grandma, Dong Joo's mom, dad, etc). So hopefully you will have an easier time reading <(_ _)>
I find it refreshing that the revenge scheme in this show does not veer towards the makjang path. No shouting, no confrontations, just pure delicious evilness, the unspoken promise of I'll-get-you-back. The antagonist, the C.E.O of WooKyung Group is so vicious he makes Bae Soo Bin (*in 49 Days) look like a wussy. 

Spoiler In Words
Joon Ha sees Woo Ri crying while hugging Dong Joo. Woo Ri wants her dad to keep the fact that Dong Joo is hearing impaired a secret. Shin Ae sort out Joon Ha's photo(s) grandma put away. 
Joon Ha tells his mom that he has accepted Dong Joo's father's proposal to headhunt him, and that he has decided to go to America. A scandal has erupted in Dong Joo's cosmetic business, and he sets out to find out who is behind the malicious rumors...

Chloe Says: Why is it that fictional America is the place to go to in kdramas? Is it really that popular a destination, or does that just apply in dramalandia? Maybe it's has some sort of unspoken status attached to it ("You haven't made it till you make it to America"), hmm...

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