Thursday, May 5, 2011

I See Red: Shin Min Ah's Latest CF

Talk about red hot! This lady in red can sure teach a thing or two to the gumiho. What would Dae Woong say?
My favorite CF girl is back with Red CF for Mise En Scene, featuring one of their hair care products (serum? Don't know, don't care since there's no Mise En Scene in Malaysia anyway). 
Hands up if you thought that shampoo ads are heavily CGI'ed. Well guess what, reality may not be far off.

In fact, I'm starting to think that there's no CGI whatsoever. Could I be wrong all along about these ads? If she were an artist by the name of Justin Bieber, I would call myself a Belieber right now.
 Having major hair envy here. Red with envy.

So whatddya think? CGI or au naturel? Here judge for yourself:


The end product:

Via dc


  1. Shin Min Ah is definitely the CF babe. She and YEH, they can rawk any kind of CF or AD!

    Btw, you're from Malaysia too?! COOL!

  2. YUP YUP! Some readers already know 'cause I did a rant about Brian Joo once and another where I translated Faizal Tahir's song (lol. super emo period)

  3. OMG you're Malaysian too ^^~ love reading your blog posts!

    so, can you speak korean?? just curious

  4. Shin Mi Ah :) so pretty! *envying her hair*
    I like her CFs^^ she always do a good job.

    After I saw her and So Ji sub oppa in one, I wish they work together... ohh would be good! xD

  5. @puddingpie (omo cute name!): Does "Annyong?" count? lol. But like any kdramaaddict™ with her salt I've learn some phrases over the years :p

    @anavi: Do you mean the Giordano ad? Man I wish they had a drama for that one :X

  6. THANKS! 1st time someone said it's such a cute name :-* hahahaha

    well, "Annyong Chingu!" =)

  7. @pudding pie: Well you can't go wrong with dessert nicknames, and you got two! ;)

  8. Aww, she is so popular! She is a big hit here in the Philippines after showing the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! So pretty

  9. very nice to meet with she's. artists who have high talent in drama korea. looks very attractive eyes and all would love it. I like her
    thanks for sharing: D