Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 6

I guess I'm at the losing end of the kdrama "don't-sleep-till-you-watch-'em-all" marathon, because my eyes are seriously tearing up from the lack of sleep (and I'm yawning every other minute). Due to technical difficulties in one way or the other, I have not watch last week's 49 Days, got 4 episodes of Baby going on, one Drunken and one Manny. Zzzzzz...
Spoiler In Words
Jin Wook and So Young meets Seung Il at a restaurant; Yoon Seo sits down as well. A psychological warfare between the four begins, and it will leave you breathless! Furthermore, during that night's dinner, Yoon Seo discovers the secret that Seung Il was the one was the one who was with So Young till the end. 

On the other hand, So Young helps Jin Wook washes his hair due to his hand injury, and the two end up sharing an accidental kiss. When Min Seo mentioned "Lee So Young", So Young answered her without a second thought!  The love story of So Young and Jin Wook is just about to officially begin. Coming soon! 


  1. Thanks for the spoiler.
    Btw who do you want So Young to end up with

  2. Duh! Of course Daniel Choi. Ryu Jin is destined to NOT get the girl, be it in this drama or other dramas lol.

  3. Yea she will end up with Daniel's character but Ooh I love Ryu Jin so much. Why must he not get the girl

  4. @Revy: Haha he has failed since Oh Feel Young. I love his character there! Maybe one day, Revy, one day. So let's remain hopeful :p

  5. Aaaah yea lets remain hopeful