Monday, May 2, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 15

Boy, who would have known. It took me quite a while, but I'm finally hooked (as in the bad crack kind) on this show and happy to hear that it's got 20 episodes instead of the usual 16-18. Five more episode of goodness :)
Love Will Come Through - Travis

And what a cliffhanger! Gloomy girl recognizes Min Ho! How???

Spoiler In Words 
Yi Kyung who does not know how to answer him (i.e. Min Ho), she panics and runs away. She has no idea what to do; in the end she enlist the help of the psychiatrist, Kyung Bin. On the other hand, Min Ho feels that Yi Kyung has been acting unusually. After checking, he concludes that the possibility of Ji Hyun being in Yi Kyung's body is plausible and feels anxious over it.
Meanwhile, Yi Kyung recalls painful memories of her past with Yi Soo and could not help but shed a tear in front of the doctor. Upon seeing this, Yi Soo unknowingly tears up as well...

Chloe Says: In the week of shocking discovery...I've also found out that...

BAE SOO BIN is such a sweetheart off the set! His performance last week on his revelation of his childhood was amazing. I can't hate him anymore, despite the fact that I hate people who use their sappy childhood story as a justification to be evil. 
This is too adorable XD

The chivalrous prince. 

The Adorable strikes again. 

Peace out! 

Via Jo Hyun Jae's Chinese fanclub (China), Baidu's 49 Days


  1. Chloe! It's nice to see you again, even if it's for a short break from your studies! I've been missing your blog updates!

    As for the pics, BAE SOO BIN's smile is hilarious in the first picture!

  2. Sophieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I missed you too girl! I know, BSB totally got me off guard there, since his persona is so much different in the show. He's laying it heavy on the aegyo man:P

  3. The very cute of Bae Soo Bin is the last picture. So cute when he wear a hairpin like that. kekeke...

  4. @dee: *pfft* when you say it like that....=))