Monday, May 2, 2011

Lie To Me: It's Called Golf...

Upcoming kdrama Lie To Me has Kang Ji Hwan wearing high end sporty golf outfits (yes more than one)! And since he's the C.E.O and all, I'm sure the whole look cost a bomb. 
Look #1: And he looks great. Although in my humble opinion this pink stripe thingy is NOT for the average Joe. 'Cause they'd just end up looking like Willy Wonka with a club. 

Look #2: Again, something funky with the plaids but he manages to pull it off. Or maybe I'm just partial to anything KJH related (>.<)

Conclusion: Not only does he looks like every bit of the chaebol he is, turns out that he's great in golf as well! Kang Ji Hwan's perfect golf swing form impressed everyone on location. But alas, he's supposed to suck. His character, Hyun Ki Joon is suppose to show a bad putter. So in the end, his perfect shot caused an NG _||○

Via Baidu's Lie To Me 

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