Monday, May 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 5

Best Love has been nothing but zippy, zany and fun experience for me! Now, hellochloe may cry easily in dramas, but one that makes me laugh out loud (as in the LOOL-ed my-tummy-hurts kind) are a second to none. This drama does IT for me, despite my jaded composure due to my growing up with Stephen Chow movies. Hong Sisters really knows how to make one's belly ache :D 
I'm also liking the fact that Ae Jung is like a Version 2.0 of herself in Pasta. It's the usual kind innocent character Gong Hyo Jin plays so well but in BL, but this lady is by NO means a pushover. Oh yeah. Pasta, meet the upgraded Yoo Kyung who doesn't cater on the chef's every whim anymore.

Spoiler In Words
Ae Jung open her eyes, surprised at finding herself not in the nightclub but some foreign place with Dokko Jin instead. Although Dokko's embarassed, he confesses to Ae Jung only to be outright rejected by her instead. But the rejection only aroused the fighting spirit in him (no superstar likes to lose, yo!). He throws the gauntlet, declaring he will stop at nothing to touch this woman's heart. 
On the other hand, Pil Joo is surprised when he witnesses Ae Jung leaving, carpooling with Dokko. Seri feels extremely crossed when she has been wronged by Dokko, who not only missed her 10th anniversary event but has been reported to be at the event in the amusement park...

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