Saturday, May 14, 2011

DTLY Poll: What's Your Favorite Song Jie Xiu Quote?

Every time Jie Xiu gets mad at Xiao Ru, he doesn't hold back at all does he? Probably the most unromantic lines ever spewed off by a male lead since Easy Fortune Happy Life, but I'm all for anti-cheesy, cheesies are only meant for BOF MVs and should STAY the hell there (have you seen the After Stories? ugh, but credits to Bummie who can spout such lines without wincing). 
I'm A Skinny Guy - Xiao Hong Ren

So take your pick, which is THE classic Song Jie Xiu quote? Only 3 choices, easy peasy:
A) "Spineless, no self-dignity amoebas like you are the lowest creatures of love!"
B) "Could you please get a hold of yourself! The reason for breaking up is a lie, but the breakup is REAL."
C) "The best revenge is to treat the other person like a passer-by; like this you won't get hurt even if he throws an atomic bomb at you!"
Hm, I always thought C) was a tad odd. Guess it's a more violent way of saying "To live well is the best revenge" lol. So which is it for you? About a 1000 people have voted on DTLY's site, and the result is a landslide win.
The results:
  • If you chose A) you're in the majority. More than half voted for this.
  • If you chose B), it's a close enough second. Around 300 people picked this choice. 
  • And if you chose C), hehe you're special. Only 15% of the fans voted for this (very violent lol)
Chloe Says: So, are you happy with the results? Or do you have your own favorite quote of Song Jie Xiu's? :D


  1. i choose c,and i'm special.

  2. @anith: yay, freedom of expression rocks! ;)