Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Miss Ripley Episode 2

After My Girl, I almost forgot that Lee Da Hae's no stranger in the melodrama department. Does this show reminds you of Green Rose or what? But no hottie Go Soo...
Spoiler In Words
Mi Ri who gets acquainted with with Myeong Hun by coincidence, tells him that if she doesn't get a proper job here in Korea soon, she'll be deported back to Japan because of visa issues. Believing that she's a Tokyo University graduate, Myeong Hun hires her. 

Hi Ju (Kang Hye Jung) who works as a cleaner at Hotel A, helps solves a hotel guest's difficult problem; Yutaka who's at the hotel for a field visit witnessed everything. 

On the other hand, for the hotel's official employment procedures, Mi Ri will need to hand out her diploma, making her very frustrated...


  1. I'm more prefer LDH in rom-com role like My Girl
    She cute in that way hahahaha ^^

  2. Yeah. Romcoms FTW. Haven't seen her smile in a while now:)

  3. I found her in Haru, that Korean tourism campaign something like that. She with Kim Bum :D
    so funny!

  4. Ko Tourism Campaign? That sounds very intriguing, hmm... *goes off and googles*