Friday, May 6, 2011

Preview: Drunken To Love You Ep. 4 + hc's Narration

It's hereeee! I'm jumping up and down in anticipation for the next installment of DTLY. Like its predecessor Fated, it's thoughtful and touching. But what sets DTLY apart is the prevalent dark humor that layered the scenes.  I mean, it's sounds sad on paper, but it's not. Proves that you really can find funny in unexpected places. Or maybe it's just the potent combination of Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu, my fav IT couple since Ariel x Joe.
The Reluctant Popcorn Hug (Chinese 101: Pao Pao=hug; Pao Mi=popcorn XD)

"I ♥ Joseph Chang". Someone please make me a T-shirt out of that. This man has one hell of a talent, keeping me glued to the screen even till the BTS scenes of the show. 

Warning: A Long Love Letter (& may will cause some anger)

Usually, my tw-romcom viewing experience has always been a head-banging one. Even for "hits" like Autumn Concerto, Hi My Sweetheart, Down With Love (and many more...). I just don't get it. Sure, some scenes are enjoyable but most of the time it feels so "unnatural" I had to look away or resort to headdesk-ing.
The absurd scenarios doesn't help much either (read: police car appearing within seconds of calling in Buffet Love. That pretty much killed it for me, and it was just its first epi.) Overtime, I have accepted my fate. This must be the norm in twdramas. It's just me, not Show. Is it because I understand the language? That can't be the case, since it's a hit with Chi subbers as well. I quietly watch the shows as I endured the "weird" scenes and then faked amnesia. 
But now, *this*!! A ray of hope in my dry, scarce desert of my tw-romcom experiences! Thank you DTLY writer! Thank you Rainie! Thank you Joseph! <(_ _)>

*end rant*

Ahem, I will now explain what is happening in the preview for y'all who don't understand Chinese:

  • Jie Xiu asks his colleague where the (construction) workers are. As expected from the previous episode, they are an unhappy bunch due to his outburst (which was justified imo). Not one worker is willing to work for him. 
  • The chairman sees this, Jie Xiu tells him that he will step down from the job if it can't be done. 
  • Xiao Ru persuades the worker (or rather, the foreman) to get back to the job. 
  • Chairman calls Jie Xiu's boss, saying he wants to "fire" Jie Xiu (fire spoken in En).
  • Xiao Ru voiceover in Jie Xiu staring at laptop scene, trying to write his resignation letter: "If you just quit the industry like that, don't you think that it's such a waste?"

Lastly, a video telling us how successful this show is. The ratings rises week by week! Woohoo~  (^_^)(^_^)


  1. Yes, Joseph is indeed a HOTTIE! <3
    Man hasn't shown his full-blown talent yet...wait until the angst kicks in!

  2. Hohoho I'll be waiting for that day *rub hands in glee*

    I'm expecting for him to fall for Xiao Ru first since she seems to be clueless (as foreshadowed by kiddy plaster scene).

  3. Yeap, I love it when the guy falls for the girl first. <3

    Doubt XR would go for it if she ends up falling for JX first. She's been hurt once by a 3rd party (Peggy) after all. But I'd like to see the dilemma!

  4. Oh you know, our OTP will have little moments of "realizations", but XR will surely cast it aside and go in denial mode(no thanks to Yi Xiang).

    Let's hope JX will be more proactive XD I think his relationship with Ai Wei will further crack once hottie ang moh (i.e AW's co-star) comes into the picture. And he reminds me of Ricky (Midas), yummm...

    Oops, off topic. Anyways bottom line is: He must not be in a relationship. Doubt XR will go to him if so:-L

  5. XR will not go to him but will silently PINE for him. OUCCHH.. I can already feel the heartache XR's gonna go thru..

    Yeah, I also think they'll break JX and AW a bit further before they actually make XR and JX have like really profound feelings for each other? It's safer this way. At least JX will not appear to be the big bad cheater or something?

    But if the drama can do it right and make JX and XR's falling-in-love process really heartfelt and real. Who cares about AW eh? Oops.. (I'm not encouraging men to cheat ok haha)

  6. Oooh you got Open ID! *is jealous* (mind don't recognize me anymore, sighhhh)

    I getcha AW is sure tougher to antagonize than Bianca in FTLY. I can feel the animosity coming from fans but they can't find anything bad to say about her (yet), haha.

    I guess it's more interesting this way. Or maybe AW will screw up the relationship mid-point. Either way us shippers gonna be heartless;))

    Disclaimer: Yeah don't cheat in real life! LOL

  7. waaaaaaa... u right about the dissapointment in tw-romcom (like u said), eventhough i uve vanness n jery very much but i cant keep watching their drama... i get tired with tw-romcom since FTLY (sorry guys)n its a relief tht DTLY is better then FTLY...

  8. @zhou2: Wow that is a long time ('08!) :-o I'm luckier I guess, my tolerance is higher in this matter. I get my fix about once a year on average. Like in 2009's Easy Fortune Happy Life, then 2010's P.S. MAN (not as good, this one). And now 2011's tadah!!

  9. I had been so disappointed by taiwanese dramas that I didn't watch any since... almost 1 year ! 0_0
    But I don't know why, this one could get back into the taiwanese drama world XD

  10. @Good, good...this one's a golden ticket to twdramalandia! *thumbs up*