Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Midas OST: Can I Love You? Translated Lyrics + MV

I'll bluntly admit this: The reason why I wanted to translate this song is because this is the only way I can justify posting this cover since I can't post any spoilers for Midas since it has already ended (>.<")
Can I Love You? - No Min Woo 

While watching Midas, many has complained that he looks too girly but that's okay 'cause I happen to like bishounens (that extends to Ricky as well). But I do confess everytime I see Ricky I'm thinking why is he doing brokerage stuff when he should be doing CK ads or something. Perhaps it's the mixed blood, like Tiffany in DTLY (though she is less conspicuous since she speaks only in Chinese).

Anyway, don't forget to check out the MV - there's a piano involved! *^^*

Also featuring the most *romantic* lyrics ever:

There had been many encounters, many tears of parting 
The so-called love brings nothing but pain
Nothing is forever, there will always be an end 
That is what I believed

Even though I didn't mean to
Even though I said idiotic words that brought you hurt
Now I finally understood, without you it won't do
Even though I'm not worthy 

May I love you? Can I embrace you?
Even if I have to sacrifice everything, I won't regret it
This is love...I realize
The person I love more than myself, is you 

Right now I don't want to forget you 
Because it seems that I'm unable to love anyone else 
The days of heartache, all the tears that I've shed
It's all in preparation to meet you

May I love you? Can I embrace you? 
Even if I have to sacrifice everything, I won't regret it, 
This is love...I realize
The person I love more than myself, is you

I want to love you, I want to embrace you
In order to meet you, that is why I'm here in this world
Even if life is hard, even if the whole world deceives me
I will protect you
I love you 

Chloe Says: No Min Woo has no mercy; as if the piano and mushy lyrics isn't enough to blow us fans over, he goes in for the kill with a ROCK guitar solo at the end. *dies*

Notes: Although the accepted En title for this song seems to be "Can I Love You?" in the lyrics I have altered it to "may" since he's asking for permission to love the girl and "can" in the context is like him wondering whether he is able to love, and that is not the case. 

The music video for this song, very laid back and casual: 

Credits: No Min Woo cover pic via Baidu's Midas, lyrics translated from Chi to En by hellochloe.


  1. This music is so sad. His voice is so good. Really liked this music. Btw I thought in Han Kang from 49 days.. hahaha this music fits him :)

    Thanks for translating it Kisses ^^~~

  2. @anavi: Really? I was thinking nothing but No Min Woo's suffering in Midas, uhuhu T_T. He has the suckiest role there...oh wait, THAT role should belong to Jung Suk Won "The Stalker"