Monday, May 9, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 17 + On-site Pictures

When I did finally catch up with 49 Days over the weekend, the scene of me watching Ep. 16 wasn't pretty (in fact, that's probably an understatement). Not only was I crying like a train wreck, I had tissues stuck up my nostrils (mucus!) and had to resort to Lamaze breathing to calm myself down. I knew it was coming, but I might as well have not.  
Stupid spoilers don't prepare your heart at all. Sheesh.

Spoiler In Words
Han Kang gets a shock when she sees Yi Kyung leaving by a taxi. He follows after her. The Scheduler helps up the fainted Ji Hyun and sends her to Seoul Station on his motorcycle. Yi Kyung who has arrived at Seoul Station took the train. Following behind, Ji Hyun and Han Kang also takes the train.
Towards Yi Kyung, Han Kang says that she is the only one who can find a certain person around here (i.e Ji Hyun) and pleads for her to help. Ji Hyun is also crying saying she wants to live, and that she only need 10 days. Yi Kyung is able to hear her cries and pleas. 

As a result, Yi Kyung is prepared to listen to her circumstances and begins to talk to Ji Hyun's soul face-to-face.
Chloe Says: I think it's GREAT that Yi Kyung tries to leave Seoul. For that means she WANTS TO LIVE, despite still being the Expressionless Queen. Also, thank heavens for Han Kang (what will Ji Hyun do without him?) I'm just worried that they will send Yi Soo to the elevator as he helped Ji Hyun to the Seoul Station. I mean, the higher ups aren't that cruel right? They won't do that right? That doesn't count as a favor right?

Jung Il Woo and Nam Gyu Ri @ outside of Seoul Station:
Oh I see the bike!

Han Kang at the station itself:

Via BTS pictures @Baidu's 49 Days, Chi trans of SIW by MIC_LARGE @Cheng Xi's subtitle group.


  1. :(( I can't wait for see that!!! thanks

  2. Chloe!! OMO. Thank you. And I hope scheduler don't be punished for helping Ji Hyun, Oh no, they wouldn't do it to him, would? please T_T~

    Kang Ah he is just perfect... aigoo Ji Hyin is lucky! I hope she can somehow remeber everything after she come back.

  3. @Anonymous: You're welcome! Can't wait as well ;))

    @Anavi: If she doesn't remember per se, let's hope that she somehow "remember" the feelings (i.e that she hates Min Ho and likes Han Kang).

    If not let's hope Min Ho has a heart and dumps Ji Hyun. I mean, he has got to realize that the one he really likes turned out to be Ji Hyun and not Song Yi Kyung right?