Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sung Yuri Shares Romance Town Anecdotes In Press Conference

RT still manages to surprise me after 2 trailers. Sure, I knew she bought the lottery, but I didn't expect her to actually win it. And keep the money. And continues to work as a maid

And the fact that Soon Geum is "bold", "fearless" and "unafraid to work hard"? Try loud mouth, as in your mouth-operates-faster-than-the-brain-but-slower-than-her-actions type of gal. 
Damn I love this show already.

Back To Basics: Sung Yuri enlists the help of Fin.K.L's choreographer and dance teacher
During the press conference held at 3 PM on the 3rd recently, a trailer was unveiled to the press. And in it Song Yuri was seen in a blond wig dancing her butt off (I meant that figuratively. Maybe.).
What she said about the scene: "I felt a lot of pressure for the night club scene, so I went to Fin.K.L's dance teacher to re-learn everything again...during the scene when I was closing my eyes and dancing hard, my wig nearly came off!"

On seeing Sung Yuri dance, co-star Jung Gyu Woon said: "(She is) indeed an ex-idol, it's just different and worth watching."
In the show, Sung Yuri plays a No Soon Geum whose mouth is faster than her brain, and whose actions are faster than her mouth. Rather than studying, she enjoys rough sports; rather than men, she's more afraid of money. 

When she bought the occasional lottery and made an unexpected windfall, she continues to work as a maid to conceal the 10 billion won (currently USD 9.25 million) she won.
Sung Yuri on her character: "No Soon Geum is a character I want to play. She says whatever she wants, thinks the world revolves around her, she's innocent and sassy at the same time, your typical blood type B woman (*think B for Bad Personality, the infamous character Lee Dong Gun played in My Boyfriend Is Type B). Thanks to her (character), shooting has been very interesting and there are a lot of memorable moments."
Romance Town tells the story of such a maid, on people and money, and love over money.

D-day is 11th May peeps! Mark it down on your calendars<3

Via Baidu's Romance Town


  1. Chloe, you can call me a lier, but I did think she would still work as a maid even if she won the he lottery, this has been in my mind since I saw a poster with the maids all sitted while the supposed chaebol served them. And then I saw the teaser showing her winning it... so I thought, she won it but because she wants she will works as a maid? (Because I read a info saying even if her mother didn't want her to she still wanted to be a maid like her mother and grandmother...) But of course I was like, oh it'll never happen in kdrama land, she won the lottery and still work as maid?

    So I thought she will lose the ticket or someone will take it from her... but finding out she won't and will took the money and still work? I LOVE it! Will watch this now ^^~~ I was still thinking... but now I decided xD

    Ps: second teaser much better than the first one, no? Kisses^^

  2. @Anavi: Exactly! I thought a few things:
    1) She wouldn't win
    2) She wins but loses ticket
    3) Wins but have to share it with the whole bunch that bought it, hence win very little win
    4) Wins and went shopping spree, starts behaving like chaebol and Korea's Paris Hilton

    Hehe all wrong. Yup 2nd teaser rocks! I suspect it's because of the uplifting song ^^