Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 6

Omo! This sound so fun I feel like skipping Ep 5 to go straight to this one (too bad it hasn't aired yet...) 
Spoiler In Words
Yoon Shi Ah who's dressed in 18 million won designer clothes V.S. No Soon Geum who shivers at the thought of coming up with 1 800 won alone, the exciting double life of No Soon Geum begins! The men of 1st Street eyes her with suspicion. 

Gun Woo and Young Hee find out that they both already have their eyes set on a woman, and each called the woman that they're in love with. It was at this moment the two mobile phones rang, and Soon Geum confirmed both lines to be busy. But then she went ahead and called someone...
Chloe Says: hellochloe's verdict? They both are in love with the SAME woman, but the SAME woman in a DIFFERENT persona. Oh, this is going to be a riot!

Via Baidu's Romance Town


  1. I hope they won't go with an ANOTHER "lie" conflict. :(

    I had me full from BFB and Lie To Me already.. :|

  2. Eh??? B-but it's different! (on second thought, it's kinda similar I guess....) But it doesn't really feel deja vu to me, perhaps it's because the styles and stories of the show are so different.

  3. Ahhhhh! Gun Woo is soooo disappointing right now! The way he's head over heels about the dolled up Soon Geum! If he just gives the time to get to know Soon Geum without getting all angry at her for nothing then he would know the inside of Soon Geum that's as beautiful as "Shi Ah"! He's sooo not deserving Soon Geum right now!And I have the slightest suspicion he's gna get all mad over her when then find out..ugh..i hope then dont drag this lie out!