Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep.5

Out of boredom, I randomly searched for some kvariety shows to watch on youtube. And I came across one hosted by Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi called Strong Heart (although I'm sure you know that already). It's so addictive! Then again, probably all kvariety shows are crack, aren't they?
Heartbeat - K.will 

The determined Ji Hyun strode towards the door and rings the doorbell without falter. Ji Hyun's mom's voice can be heard through the intercom, asking who she is. She makes up something on the spot, casually replying that she is Ji Hyun's friend. She enters the house, only to find her mom immersed in grief. Ji Hyun is sadden by this, but can only bear it in her heart as she has the appearance of someone else right now (i.e Yi Kyung's).  
Ji Hyun retrieves the seal from her stuffed kangaroo toy in her room. Knowing all this will soon be over, she leaves. Then came In Jung, and when she found out that the seal has been removed, she is distraught.

Chloe Says: God, I swear I'm a genius sometimes. I was thinking the seal was with the kangaroo too! (in the pocket with the baby kangaroo, to be exact). I use to own one when I was little, and proceeded to drool all over it. It got very stinky, as thus had to be thrown away (much to my devastation). Ah, the memories. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Episode 20 + Preview Vids

~Tip Twenty: I am my daughter's protector!~
At her home, Wei En encounter some paparazzi sneaking around, wanting to hear more on An Zhen's story. Facing the paparazzi, Wei En leads them on with misleading statements. 

The next day, An Zhen and Tian Wei become headline on the cover of the gossip rag, the truth becomes twisted. An Zhen's home gets stalked by reporters.
Upon hearing the news, together with Ai Ling, Tian Wei finds the paparazzi responsible, and they discover that Wei En is behind this. Ai Ling is furious and confronts Wei En.
An Zhen's in-laws also get stalked by reporters. Upon hearing the news and that Wei En is behind this, Father-in-law decides to end the gossip once and for all! In tears, he reveals the truth to the reporters that An Zhen is the innocent party in all this and that Wei En is in fact the third party!
With the crisis resolved, Ai Ling, Kang De and his wife celebrates at An Zhen's home. In the midst of the happy conversations, suddenly Meng Meng's shrill scream shocks everyone.

Chloe Says: Anyhow, this is improvement! No mention of cheating hubby in this spoiler, it's indeed worth the celebration :D

Previews of Episode 20:
1) Even if I'm wrong you have to love me

2) I thought I'd be very happy

Via SETTV's Official TFW Website

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 4

Things that define 49 Days: 

  • Dead, But Not Quite (i.e Soul In Limbo)
  • Invade Some Other's Body To See Your Loved Ones, But Wait You Can't Tell Them Who You Really Are (good luck!)

When it comes down to it, these two are the main reasons why I tune in to this show (not JHJ, or even Jung Il Woo in all his Shinigami hotness). As a romance fan, I'm a real sucker for point No. 2. and has since watch countless other shows with this as a theme (including Hallmark movies). 

I digress here, but have you ever watch HK film Fly Me To Polaris? The one starring then-newbies Richie Jen and Cecilia Chung? It's quite old (1999 film, to be exact) but it makes me cry, every. single. time. It's about this guy, Autumn who dies in an accident before he had the chance to tell the girl he loves about his feelings for her. He was given a chance to come back to Earth, but with a catch of course (see Point 2). Cecilia is brilliant playing the spunky Autumn, and is also the main reason why I'm a fan of hers (she rocks at playing  My Sassy Girl-like characters).

Do watch it if you have the time. Easily available on you*beep*

Spoiler In Words
Can't Have You - Hyun Bin 

Using Yi Kyung's body, Ji Hyun secretly goes into her own home to look for the seal. She knows that she must get her hands on it before Min Ho does. Suddenly she hears a human voice and she hides near the window on the 2nd floor in panic. Min Ho arrives at her house to look for the seal, but his efforts are in vain, and he leaves, disappointed. Ji Hyun, seeing all of this, is in even more disappointment and frustration.

Meanwhile, Han Kang is unhappy with In Jung skipping out on work only to return now. However, seeing In Jung's actions remind him of Ji Hyun (must be that fingernail thingy she does)

Chloe Says: You know, I swear I've watched this I'm-Really-A-Cheating-Bastard-Behind-Your-Back scenarios in achim kdramas a thousand times before (Ooh remember Don't Hesitate?). Bastard must be getting seal to get hands on her property, or something. Game on, cheater! Will be looking forward to seeing your downfall. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep.3

One of my favorite versions of the song:
Stand By Me - 200 Pounds Beauty OST

With 2 episodes, it's sufficient for me to reach a conclusion to what I feel about this series. I'm not smitten (no 'doki-doki's, sorry my JHJ), but just a bit intrigued on one thing. That is: What purpose does Lee Yo Won's character play here? Since Bae Soo Bin x Ji Hyun OTP is pretty much out of the question if he's really seeing the best friend (scandalous! They still have the mood to shag?). That leaves us with Jo Hyun Jae (don't think I'll be getting any second lead syndrome soon). Also, does that mean Lee Yo Won's real character (the moody one, not the chirpy invaded-by-Nam Gyu Ri-one) does not matter at all, and she is just a plane? 

Dang. That means Lee Yo Won's significance is lesser than I thought. This is bad, 'cause I have a problem liking the main female character. Maybe it's the acting, but she seems...so ditsy. It's just me, I suppose. Even in real life, I can't stand overly chirpy people. They depress me. But anyways, there's no question I'll keep following these series. It's a dry spell in dramaland now, and I can't afford to be picky, heh.

Spoiler In Words Episode 3 
Seeing Min Ho and In Jung meeting secretly, Ji Hyun feels like escaping, hence she rushes out of the building. She presses the "Emergency Only" button to call for the Scheduler, only to be shouted at when he appeared. She yells, asking him whether he already knows why she got into an accident.
Han Kang finds Ji Hyun curled up on the ground at the bar entrance, muttering incessantly due to the shock of her discovery. She saw her fiance, and after handing over the proof of employment to Han Kang, she faints...

Chloe Says: PS, lets hope that Jo Hyun Jae has more expression than his current I'm-So-Pissed-At-You-But-Not-Really look. Seriously, that's his expression throughout the two episodes.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Ep.19 + Preview Vid

I took a peek at TFW's official website out of curiosity, and erm...why is Rui Fan and Wei En still in the picture?! Don't they know we don't give a damn about them anymore? Can't they just focus on An Zhen's new life? Jeez.
Little Tree (Xiao Shu) - Lara

~Tip Nineteenth: Fierce is having the courage to be yourself~
Rui Fan meets with a dead end looking for a job, and feels depressed. 
He meets Ah Tang by chance. He finds out that Ah Tang's new job is involved in the planning of new TV programs, and they are looking for a woman who has both the beauty and the ability to whip up a good dish. Because of this Ah Tang is driven up the wall, and when Rui Fan hears about this he proposes An Zhen as a potential candidate to participate in the show!

After some pleading from Ah Tang, An Zhen finally succumbed to the request.
At the day of the recording, An Zhen arrives at the studio, only to bump into Ai Ling!
Things were going well, until the host asked An Zhen about her married life. An Zhen unknowingly teared up. The host ensures that this will not be aired, An Zhen cannot help but reveal the truth, her words: "Fierce is the courage to be yourself, and not be afraid!" These words touched not only Ai Ling present at the studio, but the audience as well...

Wei En sees the clip of An Zhen participating in the program, and misunderstands An Zhen. 
She thinks that An Zhen purposely aired her dirty laundry to make Rui Fan and her look bad (hc: Dude, you were soiled to begin with). The disgruntled Wei En grumbles to Rui Fan, and it escalates to an argument between them.

When Wei En arrives home, she finds the paparazzi sneaking at the entrance, looking for more details on An Zhen's story. Wei En purposely tells a misleading story... 

Ep. 19 Preview Vid: 

Via SETTV's The Fierce Wife Official Website

My Favorite Anime: Why I Will Keep On Pimping Gintama

*Includes: A Kimutaku parody clip. Do watch.
Not a fan of anime? No fret! Gintama is one anime I will recommend to even the non-otaku, guys and girls alike. 'Cause it's just that good. Guys who don't like shoujo, girls who don't care for shounen, y'all can still appreciate this anime. *Cough* that is if you don't mind some crude jokes every now and then. You do find Stephen Chow funny, don't you? (gotta check, 'cause my mom doesn't appreciate his indecent one-liners). 

Like many shounen stuff, Gintama is set in a alternate world: In this one, samurais are banned and Amanto (aliens) and humans co-exist for better or for worse, after Amanto invaded Edo (now known as Tokyo). But none of that matters, not really. As long as you get this by watching the 1st episode, you're good to go. The format is episodic (like Friends) where the story resolves itself in a one episode (sometimes 2-4), so you can basically start watching from any of its 200+ epis. 
Boys Love? Fanfics? Covered in this anime! 

The reason why it shines is because...it's HI-larious. Not the heh kind, but the hold your sides from splitting due to laughter kind. To sum it up: Parody At Its Best. It makes fun of anything and everything: Shounen mangas in JUMP (One Piece, Naruto, BleachDetective Conan, Death Note etc. - even itself), famous figures in Japan (Shun Oguri, Odagiri Joe, Ichikawa Ebizo) and even outside Japan (Will Smith, Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan). 
Will Smith ja nai, Ill Smith da!

But just when you think it's all fun and laughter (and Gintama is nothing but a lazy ossan), every now and then there's a serious story arc. And BAM! Suddenly there are all super cool and kakoi. I even teared up in some episodes (Okita's Sister Arc). 
Therefore do not miss this gem of an anime, even if you have no interest in the world of mangas and animes before! Gintama & Baby awaits you!
It's tennen perma! (Natural perm) hair.

Just a bit of Gintama brilliance for you: I bet you have seen Kimutaku's Gatsby ad, haven't you? (even as a die hard fan of his, the whole thing is weird-ass I gotta say)

I wonder how the people responsible for this ad proposed the idea (err, we have this song, and we'll have Takuya-san twirl his girly hair as he dances. Boy does that sound good or what?)

Here's the same song, same idea, Gintama spoof:

*It's fan-made, so the animation maybe a bit crude. Still their sexy self though. 
**Ignore irrelevant fanart at the end of video.

Credits: Elizabeth SOTD Template -idea from Gintama@wikia.com

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 1

Hi guys! It feels like a gazillion years since I translated something. Are you guys excited for tonight's show? Here's a little preview on what's to come. Hope y'all have been well for the past, ahem, two weeks (hey it's not that long right?). 
Can We Love Again? - Davichi & 4MEN (is there a better combo than this?)

**A completely off-topic sidenote: Finally reached The Epic Episode 14 of Once Upon A Time in Saengchori. So so much SiGa references to set a girl's heart aflutter (it's SiGa: Country Version!), with a peppering of Baker King, Kim Tak Gu to tempt you into watching Baker King, if you haven't already. Eeesh, can't they make Yoon Shi Yoon a regular? *sobs at the end of oppa's cameo*

Spoiler In Words
It's a week before the wedding, and Ji Hyun has been busy preparing for her wedding of a lifetime. With her uniquely optimistic personality, even though she is busy organizing the wedding, something has been bothering her: It's Min Ho's hoobae, Han Kang. Han Kang and her went to the same high school together, where they constantly quarreled. Even though it has been 10 years, she feels that Han Kang still dislikes her, and she has been bothered by that.

It's the 5th death anniversary of Yi Kyung's (ex?)lover, and she came bearing flowers to place at the scene of the accident. She suddenly rushed in front of a speeding vehicle...The vehicle pulled an emergency brake, causing the car behind to hit its rear. The Ji Hyun who has her thoughts somewhere else at that moment, she tries to steer to avoid the scene but hits the lamp post anyway.

Chloe Says: Hmmm...me wonders whether Nam Gyu Ri will have more airtime beyond this. Whadd'ya think?