Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 1

Hi guys! It feels like a gazillion years since I translated something. Are you guys excited for tonight's show? Here's a little preview on what's to come. Hope y'all have been well for the past, ahem, two weeks (hey it's not that long right?). 
Can We Love Again? - Davichi & 4MEN (is there a better combo than this?)

**A completely off-topic sidenote: Finally reached The Epic Episode 14 of Once Upon A Time in Saengchori. So so much SiGa references to set a girl's heart aflutter (it's SiGa: Country Version!), with a peppering of Baker King, Kim Tak Gu to tempt you into watching Baker King, if you haven't already. Eeesh, can't they make Yoon Shi Yoon a regular? *sobs at the end of oppa's cameo*

Spoiler In Words
It's a week before the wedding, and Ji Hyun has been busy preparing for her wedding of a lifetime. With her uniquely optimistic personality, even though she is busy organizing the wedding, something has been bothering her: It's Min Ho's hoobae, Han Kang. Han Kang and her went to the same high school together, where they constantly quarreled. Even though it has been 10 years, she feels that Han Kang still dislikes her, and she has been bothered by that.

It's the 5th death anniversary of Yi Kyung's (ex?)lover, and she came bearing flowers to place at the scene of the accident. She suddenly rushed in front of a speeding vehicle...The vehicle pulled an emergency brake, causing the car behind to hit its rear. The Ji Hyun who has her thoughts somewhere else at that moment, she tries to steer to avoid the scene but hits the lamp post anyway.

Chloe Says: wonders whether Nam Gyu Ri will have more airtime beyond this. Whadd'ya think? 

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