Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Favorite Anime: Why I Will Keep On Pimping Gintama

*Includes: A Kimutaku parody clip. Do watch.
Not a fan of anime? No fret! Gintama is one anime I will recommend to even the non-otaku, guys and girls alike. 'Cause it's just that good. Guys who don't like shoujo, girls who don't care for shounen, y'all can still appreciate this anime. *Cough* that is if you don't mind some crude jokes every now and then. You do find Stephen Chow funny, don't you? (gotta check, 'cause my mom doesn't appreciate his indecent one-liners). 

Like many shounen stuff, Gintama is set in a alternate world: In this one, samurais are banned and Amanto (aliens) and humans co-exist for better or for worse, after Amanto invaded Edo (now known as Tokyo). But none of that matters, not really. As long as you get this by watching the 1st episode, you're good to go. The format is episodic (like Friends) where the story resolves itself in a one episode (sometimes 2-4), so you can basically start watching from any of its 200+ epis. 
Boys Love? Fanfics? Covered in this anime! 

The reason why it shines is's HI-larious. Not the heh kind, but the hold your sides from splitting due to laughter kind. To sum it up: Parody At Its Best. It makes fun of anything and everything: Shounen mangas in JUMP (One Piece, Naruto, BleachDetective Conan, Death Note etc. - even itself), famous figures in Japan (Shun Oguri, Odagiri Joe, Ichikawa Ebizo) and even outside Japan (Will Smith, Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan). 
Will Smith ja nai, Ill Smith da!

But just when you think it's all fun and laughter (and Gintama is nothing but a lazy ossan), every now and then there's a serious story arc. And BAM! Suddenly there are all super cool and kakoi. I even teared up in some episodes (Okita's Sister Arc). 
Therefore do not miss this gem of an anime, even if you have no interest in the world of mangas and animes before! Gintama & Baby awaits you!
It's tennen perma! (Natural perm) hair.

Just a bit of Gintama brilliance for you: I bet you have seen Kimutaku's Gatsby ad, haven't you? (even as a die hard fan of his, the whole thing is weird-ass I gotta say)

I wonder how the people responsible for this ad proposed the idea (err, we have this song, and we'll have Takuya-san twirl his girly hair as he dances. Boy does that sound good or what?)

Here's the same song, same idea, Gintama spoof:

*It's fan-made, so the animation maybe a bit crude. Still their sexy self though. 
**Ignore irrelevant fanart at the end of video.

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  1. I love this anime. It's full of epic Lol's. The manga is awesome too

  2. Ooooh yay a fellow fan!:X I have yet to finish the anime, now on Episode 165 :D Can't wait for the new season to start!

  3. I've finish the anime. I didn't know there is going to be a new season?

  4. @Revy: Yes! All good things start in April: Gintama, Vampire Diaries...:X

  5. Ooh good. Thanks for telling me

  6. You're most welcome, Revy! Just sharing the love;) Tennen perma foreva!