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Welcome to the music page! This is where I translate non-english songs because, dammit, I've got the feels and no one stopped me. Feel free to use it in your MVs or any other project, but please give credit where it is due. All songs translated by yours truly unless otherwise stated.


♦ Chinese/Taiwanese
Lovesick OST - Don't Wanna Ever by Jeffrey Kong 

49 Days
Tears are falling - Shin Jae 

Best Love 
Thump Thump - Jubi (Sunny Hill) 
Don't Forget Me - Heo Gak 
Tears of Love - Big Mama Soul 

Can We Get Married? 
Can't Go On My Own - Clazziquai (feat. Kim Jin Pyo)

Can You Hear My Heart?
Can You Hear Me - ZiA 
I Can Only Hear You - Kim Jae Seok 

Dream High
Someday - IU  
If (Do Not Forget) - Park Jin Young 
Can't I Love You? - Jinwoon and Changmin (2AM) 

Lie To Me
3! 4! 0! - Judu 
I Belong To You - MBLAQ 
This Is Really Goodbye - M to M 

Marry Me, Mary! / Mary Stayed Out All Night 
I Will Promise You - Jang Geun Seuk 

Can I Love You? - No Min Woo 

Miss Ripley
Glass - Hwayobi 

My Princess 

Falling - Lee Tzsche 
Cherish That Person - Yoseob (BEAST) 

Romance Town
Saying Goodbye With A Smile - Alex 
Overflowing With Tears - Jessica (SNSD) 

Secret Garden
Liar - Yoon Sang Hyun 
Constellation of Tears - Yoon Sang Hyun 

Good Person - Kim Jin Pyo (feat. Sook Hee)

Twdramas C-dramas 
Drunken To Love You
Play Against The Rules (OP theme) - Magic Power 
Good Things (ED theme) - Yen-j 

We Made A Promise (ED theme) - Xiao Yu 

Fall in Love With Me
That's Not Me (ED theme) - Aaron Yan

Love, Now
Let's Go Running Together (OP theme) - CosmosPeople 
Temporary Boyfriend (ED theme) - Yen-j
I Want To Make A Movie About You - CosmosPeople 
Hold This Hand - Victor Wong
Blank Spaces - Jia Jia

In Time With You
I'll Still Will (OP theme) - William Wei 
Wings (ED theme) - Ariel Lin 
I Won't Love You - Wilson Chen 
Friend Of An Ordinary Friend - Emerson Tsai 
Tip Toe Love - Hong Pei Yu 

SOP Queen
Like Being Alone (OP theme) - Joe Chen Qiao En

The Fierce Wife
Five Days A Few Years (OP theme) - Freya Lin 
Loving You Like This Is Scary - Freya Lin 

Off dramalandia
♦ Korean
Beautiful Woman - December 
Good Day - IU  
Don't Be Foolish - Ali feat. Beast's Jun Hyung
Caffeine - Beast's Yang Yoseob feat. Jun Hyung 

♦ Taiwanese
Clown & The Hero - Zhang Jie 
Dying Young - Zhang Jie

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