Monday, May 5, 2014

Fall in Love with Me OST: That's Not Me by Aaron Yan

I'M BACK! My blogging itch has been bothering me for a reeeeaaaallllly long time, and then it got to the point where I had to think on what should be a comeback post. But that was too difficult, so I'm going with an easy one, which means, I don't have to be critical and all that.

I mentioned before that I have a thing where I may be attracted to watch a show if a song in the preview catches me. That is what happened with this drama, Fall in Love With Me (because a generic title like that makes it sooo easy to search for). And also maybe I have a teeny tiny teensy weeny secret thing for Aaron Yan. Stop judging.

The song that I'm about to translate isn't actually the song I heard in the previews - that one is apparently an insert song and has not been officially released. But I rather like the ending theme as well, which is rather like the OS of basically every drama male lead when they're falling in love.

That's Not Me (Fall in Love with Me ED) by Aaron Yan

So tired after a long day
Yet I still ran for 90 minutes
This serious plot is on
Yet I almost laughed as I watched
My house is at the next junction
How did I even miss it?
Some time has passed since Christmas
Yet I'm still celebrating, Happy Valentine's Day

Logically speaking, I was living fine all on my own then
Why is it that after you left, I became unlike me?

Chorus: Eyes reddening just because of a song
That's not me, definitely not me
Heart hurting just thinking of you
That's not me, I'm not that weak
Loving should have made one mature, amicable splits are a treasure
What do I want, holding tightly on to memories?
The kind of person who can't live losing someone
Is not me, oh- not me

At the ends of the world, if I can finally walk to that cliff
Kiss me like a friend, even if I'm no longer me

*Repeat Chorus

Uncontrollable tears just because I can't sleep
That's not me, definitely not me
Going crazy just thinking of you
That's not me, I'm not that weak
I was going to be generous and tolerant
But the wisdom learnt ended up useless
Not struggling even as I gave up freedom
This kind of person who doesn't know to love himself
Is not me

(The one you love most, is no longer me
The one you can't let go of, is no longer me) x2
一整天 那麼累了 我還跑了 九十分鐘
這劇情 那麼沉重 我卻看到 差一點笑了
家就在 下個路口 我怎麼了 還會走錯
聖誕節 過了多久 我還在過 情人節快樂
照理來說那時候 沒有誰我都能一個人生活
為甚麼在妳走後 我卻變得 不像我
**只不過聽到歌 眼就要紅 這不是我 一定不是我
一想到妳 心就要痛 這不是我 我沒那麼弱
愛過應該變得成熟 和平的分手應該是種收穫
緊握回憶要做甚麼 這樣不能失去誰的人
不是我 喔 不是我
天空海闊的盡頭 如果我終於能走過那斜坡
像朋友那樣吻我 就算我已 不是我
Repeat **
只不過睡不著 淚就失控 這不是我 一定不是我
一想到妳 人就要瘋 這不是我 我沒那麼弱
原本我要豁達寬容 學到的智慧結果都沒有用
賠上自由也不掙脫 這樣不懂愛自己的人
不是我 喔
(妳最深愛的人 已不是我
妳不捨得的人 已不是我) x2

Translation Credits: Snow0512@hellochloe


Just to be clear, I only watched the first episode of the show. Or maybe the second as well.... the point is, I haven't really been following but I might. I'm not too sure what to think yet, but I said I wasn't gonna be critical here so, that's.... that.


  1. I'm really loving this drama - it's got my favorite drama trope - over & over - so I'm a very happy viewer. But then, I loved Just You, too! ^_^

  2. SNOWIEEEEEE *whines* I MISSED U SOOO MUCH. Since LadySaotome pimped this to me, I am following this too!

    P.S: @LadySaotome Actually im not sure which one you pimped to me, is it Just You or Fall in Love With Me?? lol

    1. I'm pimping both to everyone I know! ;)

    2. which one do u recommend i watch first tho? i watched the first ep of Fall in Love With Me, then i was like 'oh shit did i watch the wrong show' when i realized there was another similar looking one, also by aaron yan *facepalm*

    3. Hmm, you can watch either one but you might want to start with Just You because it is complete so you can marathon it. There are only 5 episodes of Fall In Love with Me so far.

    4. oh, is that so? That's surprising! I had the impression that im far behind on all dramas, lol

    5. It is torture waiting for each new episode!! ^_^