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SG Episode 15: Preview Transcript

Ra Im and Joo Won revisit the mysterious restaurant in Jeju-do.
Ra Im: Could it be that bottle of wine? That bottle of flower wine I asked you to give to Oska, did you give it to him? (don't lie now, Joo Won...)

TFW: Funny Stories BTS + Ep.9 Preview

You should know by now and I'll say it again: This blog ain't PG-13. So *shoo* little boys and girls!
This is what qualifies as a "rape" scene, people. But luckily a woman is the one doing the act, so feminists can't complain, heh. 
Announcement: The Fierce Wife FB page passed the 10 000 fans mark last week. The "couple" is estatic, to say the least:

Taiwan's favorite supermodel, Sonia Sui:
TFW Producer, Sis Pei Hua said: The "7" gesture is in hope that'll it will break the ratings ★,:*:‧( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★*

Sign meet for TFW fans:

That must be the producer Sis Pei Hua, haha:

A message to fans from the couple: 
"If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask us in TFW Facebook. We will try our best to answer your enquiries."

TFW co-stars exchange Christamas presents
LOOL my tummy is aching from too much laughter, no doubt the neighbours think I'm a loony right now:

LOL, they just crack me up; Sonia Sui and James Wen -one of my all time favorite onscreen couples.

His gift to her: A heart shaped pillow
Her gift to him: A scarf

When asked by reporters if the gifts bear any special meaning, James Wen replied that because he's a bad guy in the show, the least he could do is be a nice guy outside the show and give her a gift from the bottom of his "heart".
Sonia's reply on the reason for the gift: "The scarf is given in hope that there'll be no animosity between us because of this drama. Though in context of the drama, it is to "strangle" him. Very convenient."
Reporter's question to Sonia: "You said that you were 
uncomfortable with James Wen during the filming of TFW. Why is that so?"

Sonia's reply (look at James during her reply, his facial expressions are priceless!):
"Because the filming is done everyday, and the script was so good it made me fall into the character easily. I'm the type who can't control her emotions very well, hence I don't feel charitable around him, especially on-set. 
I'll think to myself, "This guy is...a BASTARD"
She then clarifies that it's only her feeling as her character, and it's completely different in real life. She pacifies him by saying it's because he's a very good actor, therefore she was able to slip in character easily.
Reporter (to James Wen): " During the filming, have you felt that Sonia was treating you differently?"

James: "That's why I avoided the girls. While they were on the 2nd floor, I went to the 3rd floor to "repent". I was rehearsing the script by myself."
His message to the boys: "If you can't afford to "play" the game, don't." He continued jokingly, "Unless you're Kang De (his bro-in-law in the show) *laughs*, Kang De who can face this things lightly."

Episode 9 Preview:
~Tip Nine: What did I do wrong exactly?~

Via SETTV's TFW Official Website, TFW Facebook

SG: 31st Dec Spoilers & News

Say bye bye to 2010 and hello 2011~ *sniffle* I always get sentimental at this time of the year...(Updated!)

Newsflash #6: Clearer pics of Joo Won @the airport (apdy I'm sure you would want to see this^^). The scene will be featured in Episode 16:

Oh shoot. Someone get me my earplugs, there's going to be some engrish going on again (although to Binnie's credit, he did say "Columbia University" quite sexily).

Newsflash #5:  Oooh here's a first, the SG filming crew are resting now (posted on dc, tweeted by SG staff):

Today (31/12/2010) the SG crew has wrapped up for the day.
-Throughout the two days and one night shoot, they only had a total combined three hours of sleep
It's a wonder how they don't nod off halfway=_= Zzz...

Newsflash #4: Ha Ji Won's new year message to yorobun^^

The message:
"Thanks to all of your support, I'm very happy; and because of you guys I am looking forward to next year ^^ Year 2011!!! I sincerely wish you all the best of health and a happy new year; love you* guys (*saranghamnida)"
-Secret Garden's Gil Ra Im 

Newsflash #3: Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won send flowers to 4MEN's concert.

On the left: "Hyun Bin . Ha Ji Won"; on the right: "4MEN The Best!" 

Newsflash #2: Lee Jong Suk and SNSD's Hyoyeon are good friends. Spotted in a purikura together!
I like the point-finger gesture especially, LOL.

Newsflash #1: Below are the spoilers from DC yesterday, some of them which I had posted earlier but these paint a clearer picture to the scenarios. Remember: discretion, discretion. 

a) Joo Won faints in the elevator; Ra Im cries in the rain. This is because it was Joo Wanda in the elevator previously and they've suddenly switched souls. Joo Won's condition strikes him, and Ra Im cries for his name under the rain.

b) Ra Im and JW's mom meet at the charnel house. Ra Im is there because it's her dad's death anniversary, but Ra Im's mom happens to be there on that very same day, indicating that this must be related to the accident.

c) Seul is at the hotel to attend an event and coincidentally meets The Cameo Guy (Lee Jun Hyuk). Oska and Ra Im bumps into them after dinner (oh they just had to be there, didn't they?); Oska gets jealous and kisses Ra Im. 

Grrr....hate hate hate c)!!

Via dc, bestiz, me2day, nate, Baidu (chi trans)

A Look At SG's Calendar

Here's the "real-life" shots of the calendar (i.e. not the fake glossy ones you see on the internet). 
How much is it again? If it is too expensive, those Martha Stewarts out there can always DIY - it's just some stills from the official website bind together anyway. Needless to say, I'm not too impressed by it. Or maybe I'm just a sour grape.

Quick! Check out your month:

June's one the best, I think. Binnie looks very sexy sitting like that, woot~

My favorite HJW alter ego has to be The Librarian, hehe.

Aww! December babies get to have The Tracksuit. 

*Note: Sorry July babies, I don't have your month's pic here >.<"

Via Baidu's Secret Garden

Point Counterpoint: Is Dad's Death Related To Joo Won?

All rise, for the sifu has spoken. Time to give your two cents on this, people. I thought I had one, but both parties' arguments pack a punch and their words are so sneaky I find myself nodding in agreement to the BOTH of them. *Sigh* My head hurts from the math and theories, I didn't even use so much brainpower for jdrama Liar Game.
Four Clues/Key Points

1) Joo Won = 34 years old
Evidence #1: Episode 12; JW's mom mentioned it during the family gathering which Seul attended.
Evidence #2: Episode 12; the conversation between Cupid and Joo Won. Cupid talks down on him, unaware that he's older than him -he's 31. He tells JW he has a "baby face".

2) Ra Im = 30 years old 
Evidence: Scene in Episode 10, when Oska sends RI back and Joo Won interrupts them, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. He's pissed that she uses "oppa" for Oska but no him, when clearly she's 4 years his junior.

3) Ra Im's dad died when she was 17 
Evidence: Episode 8; the I'll Pay More Tax For You scene at Jeju-do.
Therefore that means it was 30-17=13 years ago

4) One key scene: JW Mom says he has been training Joo Won since he was 12.

So if RI's dad DID indeed died to save him, that would make him 
34-13=21 years old at the time of the accident

Sifu: It's a bit odd to be training at such a late age (i.e. 12) when the average family in Korea will send their children to extra classes to cultivate their talent starting from their kindergarten years. Thus, one can conclude the late age is due to JW's mom having to train him AFTER the accident, which happened when he was twelve. Hence, dad may have saved him before, but he did not die until years later in another rescue.

Futhermore, Korean men usually pay their military dues when they're around 21-26 years old, an age AFTER graduation but BEFORE working as they do not wish to quit work just to serve their duties. Only k-stars tend to go in late, as they work during their youth and go in nearing their 30's (30 is the age limit, you MUST go before then, or be prepared to go to jail).

In Episode 14, when they're in each other's bodies, their conversation in the cafe revealed that Joo Won has received the Notice of Civil Defense Training, which one only gets after 8 years after completing their military service. Therefore, it has been at least 8 years since his service (i.e 34-8=26 years old). Hence he must have been in the army when he was 24 yrs old or earlier (subtract 2 years for army duty). 

That means the chances of him getting rescued by RI's dad at 21 years old is very slim, since at 20-24 he must have been studying (at Colombia University, might I add) or doing his military service. 

Conclusion: There's a possibility dad might have save Joo Won when he was twelve, but that's not the rescue mission he died in.
Lucy: Refering to Point 4), training him since he was twelve does NOT mean that he had an accident at that time, it probably means JW's dad died/divorced during that time, hence the mom has to take up the responsibility of raising him.

Although it was not mentioned, the accident probably happened during his 20's. At the scene in Jeju-do where Oska, RI and JW had a conversation in the hotel room, Ra Him said that Joo Won has completed his army duties. 

Then Oska said something that implied that Joo Won need not do do his service. Why? It's because he is mentally unstable, due to the accident (which can get you exempted from military service). Therefore the accident happen prior to his military service.

Conclusion: Accident happened when he was 21, followed by studies and military duty.

Chloe Says: Hmm...the key to this seems to be JW's mom statement about training Joo Won since he was twelve. To summarize the both, it could either mean:
a) The accident happen when he was 12. 
b) His dad divorced/died when he was 12.

Via Baidu's Secret Garden (pics and Chi trans)

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Secret Garden News For Today (Spoilers Included)

First news on Thursday morning, I'll update this post again if I get any latest news that stirs my interest (that includes spoilers AND non-spoilers) Updated!

Newsflash #4: Pic updates on ambulance scene

Ha Ji Won's Next Project: Sports Kmovie "Korea"

Anyone heard of "Forever The Moment" a.k.a "The Best Moments Of Our Lives"? Well, that one featured handball and this one is the ping pong version, titled "Korea" (tentative title). 

You know me, I'm not the type who'll go to the cinema and say, "Gee, let's go watch a sports movie." But hey, I know they can be quite addictive once you get into the story, plus: It's HA JI WON we're talking about here. I worship the ground she walks on. And being the hardworking actress that she is, she'll be launching straight into Korea's filming after SG ends. All work and no play for this lady (except play ping pong).
2008's "Forever The Moment"

A Tower Picture film production, Korea is based on a true story of a North and South Korea woman's ping pong team which competed in the 1991 World Table Tennis Grand Prix held in Chiba, Japan. The script was written after some doing some research at the original stadium and conducting some interviews. 

Ha Ji Won's 2009 kmovie Haeundae was one of the few kmovies that managed to break the box office record of passing the 10 million viewer mark; and after her stint in her latest movie Sector 7 (a.k.a. Mining Area 7) she went back into the small screen for her role as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden

At this moment, Ha Ji Won is still busy filming for SG and have not had the time to practice ping pong yet. For her past roles, she has picked up fencing, dance and piano before. This is also one of the reason why Ha Ji Won is frequently favored among the directors. 

It is hoping that this film will also defuse some tension between the North-South Korea relations. 

Via mtime

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Ep.1

Even basking in the afterglow from my latest romance novel read, I can't stomach this cornier-than-a-corndog storyline (but then again I remember how corny SG sounded - remember that one?, and all hope is not lost). I have also sadly realize that Kim Soo Hyun will be taking the back seat, 'cause with Suzy and TC meeting like that, my money's on them being the OTP. Crap, second lead syndrome again? Why can't I seem to like the first lead in kdramas, like, ever? (oops -sorry Joo Won baby, of course you're excluded).

Kiss Me - IU (super sweet rendition, sang live.)

Spoiler In Words
Go Hye Mi (Suzy) dreams of becoming the next Sumi Jo (a famous opera singer, whom btw, is related to Prosecutor Princess's hottie Yoo Gun. Yum-O!); not long ago she was a beautiful and talented girl from a well-to-do family (that's not to say she isn't pretty and talented now, just not rich anymore)
Miss A's Suzy and Sumi Jo

But after her dad's company went bankrupt, her dreams went away with it. Because of the company's bounced cheques, her dad often goes into hiding from the debt collectors. And Ma Doo-Sik the debt collector keeps chasing after Hye Mi relentlessly for the one billion won debt (wow, a billion won? That's exactly how much SNSD's outfits cost! *1 billion=approx. 880 000 USD)
By chance, Jin Guk (Taecyeon) happens to pick up Hye Mi's purse and he also saves her from danger. 
Hye Mi soon learns that she'll need to enroll into Kirin High School, a school that trains stars in-the-making. Ma Doo-Sik is the one who suggested this, as he wants her to become a famous star in order to pay of her father's debt (wouldn't it be easier to make her work in a room salon? Just sayin'). Hence the sacrifice she had to make -she has no choice but to give up pursuing vocal music at the 
prestigious Julliard School of Music. 
She decides to put her past behind her and works hard to become a famous singer; she'll repay the debt and take up her favorite vocal music again. 

I stubbornly add more Kim Soo Hyun stills here:

Okay, must not offend those Wooyoung fans as well:

Lastly, the couple (love how the colors pop out in this one):

Via KBS Dream High's Official Website

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Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 15 & 16

Whew! I'm relieve beyond words this week's spoilers are much easier to translate, unlike last week's fiasco. 
Spoiler In Words Episode 15
Joo Wanda calls Oska "oppa" (which is really telling because it's suppose to be "hyung"), Oska is surprised and wonders whether Joo Won's condition has regressed. Meanwhile, the Jong Soo who finds out that the Ra Im who told him not to confess till the day he dies was not really her, got really angry (me thinks he'll really beat JW up into a pulp).

Belatedly realizing that Joo Won was really the one who went to the sauna with Seul (@Jeju-do golf club), he tries to beat Joo Won (i.e Ra Him) and grabs her by the collar. Jong Soo stops him, as he does not want Ra Im's body to get hurt. He tells Joo Won (i.e Ra Him), "Wait till you come back, you'll see." (LMAO can't wait. I say bring it on!)

Spoiler In Words Episode 16
Because of Joo Won's phobia, he could not attend the audition for her (as Ra Him). He feels guilty for that. Ra Im feels sorry for the loss opportunity. Joo Won then hugs her and says he'll attend the audition, don't worry. 
Ra Im, tears in her eyes, puts on a forced smile...Joo Won tells Ra Im he'll make her believe that miracles will happen. Joo Won hugs her as her tears falls. 

Chloe Says: I'm still having a hard time getting use to them being romantic and not squabbling away...oh well, no complains here. *shrugs*

Via dc, Baidu (Chi translations)

This Week's Spoiler On Location

SPOILERS abound! And I've no complains: Gimme, gimme, gimme! 
"She maybe the mirror of my dream"

      Date: Today in the morning (29/12/2010)
Location: Gimpo and Incheon International Airport

Joo Won driving to the airport. Said to be going to Jeju-do's mysterious restaurant (Ra Im's dad's place). Filmed in a personal jet and the filming location is very cold. People are using binoculars to spy on their filming.  

Date: I think it co-relates with the ambulance pictures I posted yesterday and today
Location: Again, based on yesterday's should be the LOTTE Department Store (or LOEL in the show)

Joo Wanda and Sec. Kim in the elevator (uh-oh. Can you guess where this is going?). It's raining and they switched bodies. After realizing he's in the elevator, Joo Won could hardly breathe. 

At this moment, his past memories replayed in his head. Something like that (the poster says). 

SG For 19 And Above Only

Presenting you... *drumroll* the raunchiest edition of parodies ever! I suspect this may not sit well with some readers (like the sort of shock you get when you discover your bf's porno stash, I think?). Shocking, but understandable. Boys will be boys. For me though, I say let's uncork the champagne and give toast to our sexiest edition ever. YUM-O, haha.
Not all are jaw dropping o'course, but nonetheless all are fun-nny.

The good ol' technique of sticking a big head into random bodies never fails to deliver the laughs. The 101 Faces Of Oska. 
Now the only thing missing is Oska's head on an Oscar. Now that would've been punny XD

LOEL's ideal VVIP card design:

Joo Won the merman:

Up, up, up and away! 

You may have the following expressions from now on:

A sly wink to Ha Ji Won's Olay endorsement, hehe.

Joo Won reading the kind of manga I hate the most (watermelon boobs!)

Omo, no wonder he was so into the poetry! 

I'm more disturbed by the fact that the policeman is looking at a half-naked Oska on the net.

 That's all folks! Tata~