Friday, December 17, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 11 (Ext. Version)

Just received an extended version of the spoiler. "Extended" as in like, a few minuscule seconds. If your memory fails you, I'll just do a quickie recap of what I posted pre-extension (or you can just read here):

JW and mom squabble over how to handle Ra Im. Ra Im got angry listening to their conversation and left, but not before telling them to eff off (in a nicer way). I would have told them that. 

The extended part:
The said coffee house: Caffe Bene (they were spotted filming today -17/12/2010)

Later on, Ra Im went back to the cafe Joo Won and her went that day. She reminiscence over the sit-ups and the frothy kiss they shared. That was went Joo Won suddenly appeared and was sipping his coffee, leaving foam on his upper lip. Ra Im was surprised and startled.

On the other hand, Oska knows that Ra Im has been hurt because of what Joo Won's mom did, and so he went to Joo Won and...

Chloe Says: *gasp* I can't believe Ra Im forgot to think back about The Hug. That was so much sexier than the kiss. 
It all sounds so exciting and hot. But if I were to get down to the nitty gritty of it, this show is STILL running in circles. But fine, if they were to do a deja vu scene, I vote for the hospital one! No more talks about TLM please.  

Via Baidu's Secret Garden, SG's official website (pics)


  1. >>> Oska knows that Ra Im has been hurt because of what Joo Won's mom did, and so he went to Joo Won and...

    And what happened?! :-D

    I have the impression that the writter (a) doesn't know how the story should go, or (b) has already planned the story but it's short and she needs to fill in the 20 episodes. Luckily, HB and HJW are great actors, so the show has been enjoyable so far.

  2. Your guess is as good as mine, Soph. Okay, if this were deja vu...they would be doing a bet on her again! b-(

  3. thanks chloe for the extended spoilers
    I wish oska will do something to push my JW to do a positive step concerning his feelings for RI , both are so inlove ith each other and both are stubborn and both are hurting each other and both are suddening me very much :(