Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Tribute...

Excuse me while I wipe my tears. I am still mourning for the lost of The Tracksuit that perished in Episode 9. Alas, I have so many regrets. If I'd known you'd be gone so soon, I would've ignored my fashionista self and told you of my real feelings while you were still here. Please know that you were well loved by many. Adieu, Le Sparkly Suit!

People who mourn for you include:

The italian ajusshis who made you.

Your fuglier cousin, Le Pinky Suit
I like pink, but this churining has done disservice to the color.
How To Get Noticed At The Airport:
Whoever she is, this person must be a serious SG fan. Look! She is even wearing sneaker wedges like Ra Im during The Hug


  1. LOL JW has spread some serious disease!

  2. hahahahaha call me crazy but i liked it, not the pink one tho and i noticed her shoes too haha

  3. shes pretty. A big fan of SG awesome.