Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spoiler In Words For IADD Ep 10

Oh my gosh! I forgot that today's Winter Soltice. So here I am typing furiously before I leave for dinner at grandma's place. Yay! Time for yummy glutinous rice balls :D
Hyuk Gi is angry to find a court seizure notice front of Chae Ryung's home. He also worries seeing how irresponsible Chae Ryung is, always trying to shift the blame on others. Meanwhile, Se Yeon is jealous over her dad's obvious favoritism towards Ae Ryung. 

Daddy Eun is set for hospital release. Jin Goo accidentally blurts out something, and dad finds out the truth his hospital bills having paid off by Jin Goo. He starts to suspect that Ae Ryung married because of this. 
With the help of Hyuk Gi and Jin Goo, the Eun family moves to their new home. Seeing how his family has to live this shabbily, his tears falls.

Credits: Imzi @soompi for HD stills


  1. I don't want the dad to die, but didn't the original plot summary say that the dad was going to die?

    its already the 10th episode and I see no movement in love between the 2 leads. Will they even fall in love?

  2. I know, I'm dying to know what's on the writer's mind. Even achim dramas have more romance danggit:-L

    Plot summaries and character summaries may change accordingly as the drama airs. I think, this has got to be the least romantic show I've watched this year (no OTP moments AT ALL!). Looks like they really meant it when they said 'family drama'.

    I'm giving this writer one more chance, if Writer Han doesn't step up by the 15th epi, I say fire writer-nim and hire a new one (like in M3)

  3. I like this drama after the 4th episode but it's really slow on the romance side.

    I hope Jin Goo will stop being a "playboy" & fall in love with Ae Ryung ; She is so deserving...

    Is the "hostess" Jin Goo's sister ?

    And Jin Goo's current sister is his daughter from previous marriage ? Find it hard to believe coz he look so young.

  4. Thanks Chloe for the spoiler. Hope you had a great time celebrating Winter Solstice. I am not traditional so no glutinious rice balls for hubby & son... afterall there is no winter here..

    Looking forward to better development of plot the next 2 episodes. Watching from tudou in chinese cause me to lose some impt details :(

    Merry Christmas !!

  5. @Anonymous #2: Yeah I think that's his daughter. If it's his biological daughter, I'll just take it that he has a baby face :-o

    @Anonymous #3: It doesn't snow here too, but we eat 'em anyways:D Happy hols to you too:X

  6. I love this drama, but there's no way they can do the plot full justice in the next 6 episodes...
    I'm hoping jin goo will fall for ae ryung - nice pairing <3 although the fact that his daughter looks almost as old as him is a little odd...