Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jang Geun Seuk's SexyBack

Time to check out my other lover (yes, I have many). Just from the title alone, can you hear the fanfare?
Mah favorite JGS look

Actually, he did SexyBack performances in many of his fan-meetings (Seoul, Beijing, Taipei, etc), inducing his fans' nosebleed around the globe. I reckon you can easily search for a better quality one, but I found this video, despitebecause of the grainy quality, was one of his sexiest ever:

What If: In A Mary Parallel Universe
Taken from Dear Cloud's bandmember, Yong Rin's twitter account

Being a Jung In supporter (note: not to be confused with shipper), sometimes...just sometimes, I wonder to myself: "What would it be like if Jung In was the rocker dude instead?" I think the dynamic of the OTP would entirely change. 
Kim Jae Wook in real life carries a LOT of rocker vibe (partly because he's a musician himself), and I when I see him I think: "Sex, drugs and rock and roll." I can see him as a rocker, but not a cute rocker (like how JGS played Mu Gyul), more of a brooding one? Something like Mary's drama-within-a-drama's Wonderful Life, if it'll ever be made into one.


  1. For Kim Jae Wook, yes. But for JGS it's a bit controversial since he's super popular. I've heard of three versions, and I'm not really interested in finding out which is the truth, so take your pick:

    a)Yes he does. Like a chimney.
    b)Yes he does, but has since quited.
    c)Hell no! He's a good boy and he only did that for the photoshoot.

  2. Ok , I think this is a better version ^-^ I almost died when I saw the video OMG!! (nose bleed) jijijiji *¬* :D

  3. Thanks girl! Yes, it is certainly nosebleed inducing. But his singing there...ooh, I cringe.