Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Short Notice VII

Invasion alert!!! Invasion of privacy, that is. Oooh, don't you just hate it when somebody snoops on your stuff? It's one of my pet peeves and I ABSOLUTELY detest people who do that, intentionally or unintentionally (got that, bro?)
The dysfunctional family. Then again, whose isn't?

*clears throat* Anyway, got too carried away there. Just wanted to let you know some mash-up of updates of SG. Again, please be reminded that this are spoilers from forums, not news; so use your discretion.

Newsflash #1: Somebody snoops in Joo Won's study. That 'somebody' being Director Park's assistant. You know, the one who did a not-so-sexy imitation of my Jo In Sung's fist-in-mouth gesture in What Happened In Bali? Yes, that one.

He snoops into his study after Joo Won goes with Ra Im to Yeonju to film. Grrr...

Dir. Park, a.k.a. Mr. Sexy Voice
Speaking of him, I got quite a soft spot for Director Park (he will also be starring in January's Dream High!). To be honest I like him wayy better than Sec. Kim, whom I find a tad too whiny for my taste. I think Writer Kim likes him too, she always writes him funny and memorable scenes -practicing JW's siggie, laughing manically, scribbling endearing thoughts during meetings -I hope you get dumped on Christmas, etc.

I'm also inclined to believe that the scene about Joo Wanda telling him he has a sexy voice was Writer Kim's indirect message to him, since the scene was quite out of the blue. Hehe...I wonder if hubby's jealous?

Newsflash #2: Pig Skin Restaurant On Location
Following the broadcast of SG, would more women dare themselves to eat the sinfully melt-in-your-mouth pork skin? 

Newsflash #3: Another Seul beauty product endorsement. 
The Scene: Seul chats with her best friend (her only friend) about the VVIP Christmas Party. She is seen spraying some stuff at the end of the scene, then the friend eyes the product (again, like in shampoo scene). 

Turns out it's no ordinary perfume. It's not even a perfume, actually. It's a Vieta3 Essential Mist -costs approx. 50 USD for 2x60ml bottles. I am baffled as to why would anybody want to spray expensive water on their faces. Oh, women's beauty products are never ending.  

Newsflash #4: This spoiler actually got around two days ago (27/12/2010) but I was so distracted by the havoc at M3 I forgot to report this. 
Venue: Lotte Department Store (or LOEL in the show) 
  Time: The department store closed early @8 p.m. 
Many onlookers there; both leads were seen filming. 

Remember the ambulance pics I posted yesterday? Well, it is said that Sec. Kim was seen in near tears, crying, "What's wrong with the President?" beside the the President who's in a stretcher.

About Oska and Jong Soo's Who Are You? Suspicions
In all honesty, I don't think they've quite figured it out yet. I mean, who in their right minds will think of Oh, they have swapped bodies! explanation for someone's odd behavior? More likely, bipolar disorder comes to mind (especially in Joo Won's case). 

So I think the suspicion scene was most likely just to build-up a suspenseful cliffhanger for next week's ep. Personally, I think it's more likely that JW's psychiatrist ex would be the first to know. My thoughts tend to be stubborn, and once I've accepted an idea, I can't seem to shake it off. 

Credits: dc and Baidu (Chi trans and stills).


  1. i still find it hard to believe that the psychiatrist was his ex. she seems too old. Either way, I just want to believe that RI was and is his only girl! :P

  2. i don't know i think she must be one of his flings xP but not true love obviously, he sees her as a good friend only.

  3. @ Anonymous: Oooh that hurts. Is JW that heartless? I'd like to think he really liked her (he must've like her enough to date her, after all) but it was nothing earth-shattering.

    Besides, a doctor is a not bad status (unlike say, a stuntwoman...Which is deemed lowlier to the higher class? No contest to that). Also, don't forget SHE was the one who dumped him and he was left clueless as to why; but I don't think he cared enough to know.

    She may not be pretty (in kdrama standards) but I think she's a cool character :X

  4. haha i meant he sees her as a good friend only now, obviously he liked her enough to date her given his personality. but obviously not enough for him to have lovesickness about her, since he even asked her what are the symptoms of lovesickness in one of the eps, he has never experienced such thing in previous relationships before.

    i like her as a character too, she's cool and i guess we'll know more about her relationship with jw in next eps coz i doubt ra-im won't ask about it or jw himself telling her.