Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spoiler In Words for Marry Me, Mary! Episode 12

Mary and Mu Gyul finally get to start their life together under one roof. However, even from Day One it wasn't smooth sailing (to be honest, I didn't expect anything less. Trouble and Chaos has a way with this OTP)

Mu Gyul's mom sells Mary's ring to go to Paris, but unexpectedly met with a scam organization. Mary's dad finds out about this, and hurriedly heads to Mu Gyul's house. He nearly finds out the truth about 'em cohabitating, but luckily they managed to escape with Jung In's help (thank you, my boy!).

While Mu Gyul and Jung In teams up for work purposes, but they're still unable to accept each other's relationship with Mary. Though childish, the battle for her heart is still ongoing (ooh, another 
Battle of the Boys! Bring it on!)

As the Perfect Band band members listen to Mu Gyul's new composition (that should be "Hello Hello" or a pre-"Hello Hello"), they realized the new song has derailed from the rock genre, and were seriously disappointed with him. 
Jung In's dad is surprised that Mary's not wearing the ring that he personally gave her. Mary's dad's afraid that he would find out the truth, thus he goes after Mu Gyul's mom to get the ring back. 

But! (oh my god, I'm genuinely surprised, what drug did she take?) No measures were necessary as Mu Gyul's mom retrieved the ring back and even returned it to Mary. The unsuspecting Mary wears the ring and attends a family gathering with Jung In. 

Chloe Says: Sorry if they're any typos or minor errors. I'm kind of in a rush as I have my exams in less than an hour's time. I know right? I'm must be crazy to be this crazy for my favorite couple. 
This episode sounds promising with lots of potential *squeal* worthy moments of Mary's interaction with Mu Gyul AND Jung In. Can I just fast forward the kids' parents part? I really couldn't give rat's ass about them. As for Mu Gyul's momma, I don't think I can find it in myself to forgive her although she returns the ring. 'Cause she should never have taken it in the first place.

Credits: Screenshots via dc


  1. I think MuGyul's mom returning the ring is a little suspicious. All the different translations of the preview says "without suspecting anything" or "unsuspecting". Maybe I'm speculating too much, but i have a bad feeling about the mom producing the ring and returning it.

    Unless, of course, she took some kind of drug that gave her some conscience and not pawn it.

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. I know Mary will go with MuGyul eventually but i am rooting for Jung In "he's such a cool dude"...

  3. @Anonymous #1: I feel ashamed I like MG's mom so much during her earlier appearances. Now, mere words cannot express how much I loathe her ~x(

    @Anonymous #2: Ah, alas. I have to say I'm even more indecisive than Mary. I really really like the both of them:-L