Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marry Me, Mary! Finale Tonight

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Today's the big day, and god knows what will happen. Episode 15 was not anti-climatic AT ALL. It felt like the sort of havoc you would expect in the middle of a series, but clearly Writer Go had no intention of following the norm. Makjang till the end, eh?
Happier times...

All in all, I think the actors had a good experience. Moon Geun Young said: "We've worked very hard to bring a drama that brings warmth and comfort to the audience. I'm glad I got to portray the optimistic and headstrong Mary."

Jang Geun Seuk who has significantly contributed to the OST commented: "This time after partcipating in the OST, I've become much more interested in music. Although many things had happened to Kang Mu Gyul after meeting Mary, he always has always persevered in making music. That made me reconsider the things that I should not give up as an actor."
Mary Stayed Out All Night's finale will be broadcasting tonight at 9.55 PM (KST). 

Some photos of JGS taken on location:

Via TVDaily, dc, Baidu (Chi Translation)


  1. This drama started out sooo good but now i dk what to make of it :(( the show is luck it casted some good actors/ actresses or else I would have jump the ship the second half of the airing =-t

  2. I wanted to watch the finale live, but ooops I missed it. As of now, I still have not have the guts to watch it yet :(

  3. i have to give JGS lots of props for trying to fix the last episode....i dont even want to know what was in the original script