Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SG Gets Adapted Into A Novel

You'd think that it's a fanfic, but no, it really is the official version. First 100 copies gets an autographed book (by Writer Kim) too. It won't be illustrated, but will include postcards of the characters. 

The novel will not be written by Kim Eun Sook but another writer, featuring more on the character's point of view. Aren't you dying to know what's in Joo Won's mind?
The first volume will be available from the 23rd of December.
1) The owner of Secret Garden
2) Fly, Gil Ra Im! (my mind is on the Mary Poppins poster now)
3) The rabbit's fate
4) Strange feelings
5) An unexpected one
6) That annoying fellow
7) The real world isn't a fairytale
8) It's not going smoothly

Volume II
1) Not a mistaken illusion
2) A sunny day meaning nothing (if you'd recall, this is one of Binnie's poetry books in Episode 3)
3) Is it luck?
4) Just like magic
5) See you again
6) Common sense is different
7) The deep blue night of Jeju-do
8) A sudden heavy downpour

Volume III
1) A new morning
2) Kiss me
3) Cannot hide
4) Just the two of us in wonderland
5) His secret garden
6) Not giving up
7) Coward
8) It rained once more

Note: Most of the titles are roughly translated (for Vol I and II), but you get the drift.

Via Baidu's Secret Garden (chinese translation)

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